Bonds is an Australian brand well-known for their collection of sportswear, swimwear, undergarments and basics. With the increasing trend of maintaining health and fitness, why not hop on the bandwagon and start exercising! Bonds Sportswear collection can gear you up for your exercise while making sure you look good doing it. What better way to do a workout than with your family, as the saying goes “a family that keeps fit together, stays together”.

Here at ShopBack, we’ve picked out an entire set of sportswear for the whole family, even for your little ones! Your family is definitely going to be the envy of the neighbourhood, looking good and staying healthy together.

For the Adults and Teens

Opt for workout gear in a grey tone. Not only is it an easy colour to match, it doesn’t absorb much heat and is a flattering colour for most! Bonds Sportswear range features gear thin enough to be used in the humid weather, while keeping you warm if it’s a cold and chilly day. The micro sweats series also helps with drying your perspiration too.

Micro Sweat pullover men, by Bonds

Men Micro sweat shorts by Bonds

Micro sweat trackie by Bonds

The long pants alternative to the shorts are great for the cooler weather or that drizzle of rain.

You can even get a matching set for your significant other!

micro sweat pullover hoodie women by Bonds

micro sweat pullover hoodie by Bonds

sweat printed pants for women by bonds

For the Kids

For your little girls, there are even matching sets to go with Mummy’s workout outfits!

Rain pullover hoodie

aqua floricca girls trackies

For the boys, the simple navy and grey are standard picks, easy to match with whatever clothes the currently have. That means they can wear these sportswear out as normal outing clothes as well. Versatility in fashion is one of the essential thing to look out for when buying clothes!

Logo signature zip hoodie

Kids terry trackie by Bonds

For the Babies

When you do decide to bring your little ones out for an evening stroll or family exercise outing, we’ve got you covered as well. Your baby can join the family in looking adorable at your fitness outings.

baby hoodie by Bonds

Baby signature trackie by Bonds

Baby signature printed trackie by Bonds

We’ve picked these cute mini trackies for your baby. Somehow, babies always look cuter when dressing up in “adult inspired” clothing!

What we have showcased here doesn’t even cover the many choices available on Bonds promotion page. Also, they carry a collection of clothes other than sportswear. This includes swimwear, sleepwear and basics, so do check out Bonds for all your clothing needs. Don’t forget to get an account with ShopBack to enjoy more savings and 6% cashback with your purchases at Bonds. More savings means more shopping for you and your entire family!