Will desserts ever instigate wars? We won’t rule that out as utterly impossible just yet. Too many times, the tips of our fingers have painfully stubbed against empty plates when we weren’t swift enough in grabbing the last cream puff, square of chocolate, or egg tart. Growing up, some of us soured relationships with siblings over the division of a piece of banana bread. Others mapped out surreptitious hidey-holes in their apartments, all in the name of stashing away as much sweet loot as they could. Be gone, visitors with prying eyes!

Today, desserts come in little, convenient packages, providing relief for sugar addicts on the go. However, the excitement oftentimes doesn’t quite match what the glossy exterior promises. Modern mass production churns out millions of sweet treats everyday, and with everything becoming cheap and fast, it’s inevitable that not as much attention is dedicated to preserving the purity of the taste.

Dessert Shop in Turkey

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In Turkey, where sweets have sown roots in the culinary history for more than two centuries, the flame of traditional dessert-making burns very much alive, unwavering in both intensity of aroma and integrity of technique. A nibble, a bite, a swallow – all impart a dance of flavours as well as a rewarding aftertaste on the palate. To be able to savour these exquisite delicacies is one of the greatest gustatory pleasures in this world. For the next 5 minutes, step inside quaint, perfumed Turkish bakeries with some of the best desserts that Turkey serves up. If you’re salivating by the end of this post, Booking.com can set you up with some tickets to sample these treats in the flesh, whilst enjoying 6% cashback!

1. Turkish Delight (or Lokum)

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If these soft, chewy nuggets managed to sway Edmund’s loyalty towards the White Witch, then they have to be good right? Turkish delight, or its traditional name lokum, can be readily bought in most departmental stores over the world now, but the original recipe that Turkey follows produces proper, velvety squares which melt in the mouth without gumming up your teeth.

2. Künefe

künefe tarifi Turkish dessert sweet cheese pastryImage credit | flickr.com

This sunny, bright golden dessert combines melted cheese and strands of dough noodles in layers. Although not strictly a treat exclusive to Turkey, most Turkish cafes serve theirs with fresh, tangy goat cheese. The result is a mouthful blooming with a sweet and exotic surprise. The quivering cheese fibres when you lift a piece are also a fun spectacle for the eyes.


3. Kazandibi

Turkish dessert milk pudding kazandibi burnt sugar caramelised

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Kazandibi is one of the finest creations to have emerged from a pot during the Ottoman Empire’s reign. ‘Kazan’ literally refers to the bottom of the boiler, which is also where the smoky, burnt sugar layer forms. Turn the pot upside down, and out plops a caramelised milky pudding not unlike a toasted marshmallow in taste and texture: a crisp coating on a creamy pillow.

4. Tavuk Göğsü

Turkish Dessert Tavuk göğsü

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For a dish to have graced the dining halls of royal sultans, it surely must be something different, perhaps containing a special ingredient? Indeed, this signature dessert of Turkey is a milk pudding that includes chicken! The not-so-adventurous foodies needn’t worry, for the meat is boiled and shredded gossamer thin before being mixed in, and the taste is sweetly delicate.


5. Turkish ice cream (or Dondurma)

Turkish ice cream dondurma dessert sweet

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All we ask for our ice cream is to be thick, cold, and sweet. However, the Turks have somehow fortified theirs with a resistance to melting! The secret is the addition of salep, a type of orchid-root flour. Dondurma’s consistency is also more chewy than Western varieties, so don’t be surprised if some restaurants serve it up with fork and knife on the side.


6. Cevizli sucuk

Cevizli sucuk Turkish dessert sweet walnut

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Again, this is more of a regional dessert, and is not confined to the repertoire of Turkish cuisine. However, every country sings their own praises of this candied candle, and Turks do so by dipping strung dried fruits and walnuts in grape must (the squished pulp and skin of grapes) before sun-drying them for days. You can bet that the resulting taste lives up to the amount of effort expended in making this sweet sausage dessert.

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Whether you seek the subtle fragrance of orange blossoms, or crave the richness of clotted buffalo cream, Turkey’s dessert platter patiently awaits, ever ready to delight the senses. Set off on this gastronomic discovery today with Booking.com coupons, and earn 6% cashback when you book your hotel in Turkey through ShopBack!

And remember, if a stranger offers you sweets in Turkey, you can absolutely accept it with gusto, because the Turks are well known for their warmth and hospitality!

Afiyet olsun! (bon appetit)