Since its launch in 1996, has become one of the world’s largest online travel booking sites. With over 28 million listings, there’s a little adventure for everyone. Travel is never cheap, but ShopBack is here to change that. With up to 6% Cashback, you’ll never have to think twice about going on vacation again! With that in mind, here’s a guide on how to use with ShopBack to maximise your savings!

How To

Step 1: First, click here to download the extension on the Google Webstore for free.


The ShopBack Button is a free browser extension that automatically finds, tests and applies the best promo codes to your cart when you shop. Best thing is, it’s on top of your Cashback! Find out more about the ShopBack Button here.

Step 2: Search for on Google.

Websites applicable for Cashback will be indicated with the ShopBack logo (as shown below).


Afraid that you’ll forget to activate the Cashback Button while busy planning your holiday? Fret not, you will be automatically reminded to apply Cashback whenever available!

Step 3: Search for your destination and fill up the search bar.

Step 4: Choose your hotel.

Take note of disclaimers like “Free Cancellation” or “No Prepayment Needed” so you can always change your mind!


Step 5: Choose the type of room you want to stay in.

Remember to look at the details highlighted below to ensure you get the room you want!


Once you’ve reserved your room, your Cashback will be tracked upon payment and will be redeemable within 75 days after the checkout date. It’s really that simple! Click here for more information on how it works.