Indoor Houseplants

In the face of ever-increasing  urbanisation, our way of life is getting more and more synthetic. Everything seems unnatural and inorganic, i.e. a concrete jungle. However, there are ways that you can turn your lifeless abode into something a little bit more inviting and lively. Bring the outdoors into your home with these neat little home accessories from eBay and give yourself a treat for your senses.

1. Tabletop Indoor Waterfall
Tabletop Indoor Waterfall

Available at eBay for only: MYR 157.19
Price after cashback: MYR 156.62

There is nothing more soothing and calming than the sound of running water. Clear your thoughts and worries as you drift off into blissful relaxation with this neat little Tabletop Indoor Waterfall. It comes with soft illumination to further enhance the ambience.

2. Premium Synthetic Artificial Grass Turf

Premium Synthetic Artificial Grass Turf

Available at eBay for only: MYR 1138.05 (4ft x 15ft)
Price after cashback: MYR 1126.67

One of the joys of being outdoors is feeling the myriad of textures underneath your feet and between your toes. Be it sand, rocks, dirt or even water, you feel closer to the earth walking barefoot outside. With carpet grass you can feel outdoors anytime you at home. Set aside a little corner and lay it down to create your own little ‘nature reserve’ – without all the bugs and critters. Who says grass is only for the outdoors?

3. Miniature Terrariums


Available at eBay for only: MYR 821.57
Price after cashback: MYR 813.35

Add a little green and earthiness with these Miniature Terrariums. The type of plants you can cultivate in these Miniature Terrariums are endless. So just pick one you fancy and get cracking. Apart from making really pretty decorations, it also makes for a very calming and fulfilling hobby!

4. Bird Feeders

Bird Feeders

Available at eBay for only: MYR 257.08
Price after cashback: MYR 254.51

Be like a Disney Princess and invite those cute little flying birdies into you house by installing a bird feeder.  You can fill it with bird feed to bird-watch or if you prefer, you can turn it into a makeshift flowerpot and watch as little colourful hummingbirds buzz around feeding on its nectar!

5. Home Autumn Sky Scented Candles

Home Autumn Sky Scented Candle

Available at eBay for only: MYR 92.01
Price after cashback: MYR 91.09

It is not all touch, sight and sound when it comes to the great outdoors. The smell of the great outdoors is also a treat to the senses. Scented candles are a great way to add a certain ol’ factory charm to any room.  Pick an outdoorsy scented one and be prepared to be transported to the great outdoors!

6. Homedics Ss-2000f Sound Spa Relaxation Machine with 6 Nature Sounds

Homedics Ss-2000f Sound Spa Relaxation Machine with 6 Nature Sounds

Available at eBay for only: MYR 103.49
Price after cashback: MYR 102.46

End your day in pitch-perfect serenity, accompanied by the soothing sounds of nature –  or 6 sounds of nature to be exact. This sound machine comes equipped with a timer making it the perfect sleeping companion for you. It’ll make you feel like you’re in a spa somewhere out in there in the lush outdoors.

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