Making our partners feel that they are loved through sweet gestures is an essential ingredient to a happy and lasting relationship. It’s not very difficult. Just booking the two of you a romantic dinner is one way to show our affection for our partner. These days, going on a date does not need to be expensive. There are a lot of discounts and promotions that you can get where you can save significant amount of money without compromising the quality of your romantic dinner. Here are ways you can pull off a romantic date for two on a budget with EasyDeal.

Go Japanese

Japanese set meal
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Sushi, ramen, gyoza, tempura and the list goes on. Japanese cuisines are one of the most sought-after Asian food. Celebrating delicious meals from another Asian country would be a great food date for you and your partner. Enjoying a Japanese meal together will not only be an opportunity to satisfy your gastronomical cravings but also a a time to enjoy foreign cuisines with your partner.

On EasyDeal, you can even get 58% off when you order a Japanese set meal that comes with chawanmushi, soup and salad, rice or noodles at Zakuro Two Japanese restaurant. (Yum, we’re already hungry.) You can also bring your partner at Fuji Yama Japanese Restaurant where you can get 20% off the total bill for all food, drinks and desserts..

Throw a pizza party for two

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You can never go wrong with pizza. What better way to spend quality time with your partner than to munch this famous baked delicacy? On EasyDeal, you can get up to 21% off when you order 6-inch Pizza Sampan meal plus a dessert at My Turkish House which is located at at Medan Selera Pandan Jaya. Pizza is everyone’s comfort food and a pizza party for two will be an amazing date to remember.

Prepare a customized cake for your date

customized cake
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You can now customise your cakes with your favourite characters or with any the design of your choice. Amplify your romantic date by surprising your partner with awesome customised cakes. You can get 60% off when you buy cakes at Eats & Treats Bakery through EasyDeal. You can also get 54% off when you buy 1 Box of 16 pieces 2D large cupcakes on Easy Deal. This sweet treat is just what you need when you want to prepare a sweet treat for your loved one.

Enjoy some barbecue goodness together

korean food
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Korea is famous for its amazing barbecue. When planning a for a night out with your partner, you might want to try sharing a barbecue meal at Hwa Ga & San Nae Deul. You can get as much as 61% off when you order Korean BBQ pork set meal with banchan (side dishes) on EasyDeal via ShopBack. You can also get a 59% discount if you order Korean BBQ chicken set meal. It will not only be a romantic date but a food adventure you will never forget.

There are many options that you can try in order to pull off a great date for you and your loved one. With the different deals and promotions available on EasyDeal, you can prepare something special for your partner that will create lasting memories for the both of you. You can even get 4% cashback if you go through ShopBack, so it’s time to pamper you and your partner, and bring yourselves out for a nice meal for two. We promise you won’t regret it.

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