The Land of the Rising Sun has much to offer; from ramen to sushi and their black Burger King hamburger buns, the possibilities are endless. However, if you’re talking about fried rice dishes in Japan, omurice has to be the ultimate fried rice dish that will make you swoon.

Fragrant rice is stir-fried with cubes of chicken in tomato ketchup, and then topped with a silky smooth French omelette. Cut into it and what you get is the runny omelette spilling over, coating the steaming rice like a fluffy oversized duvet. With a generous doleful of rich demi-glace sauce poured over the top, a tantalizing explosion of flavours and textures will overwhelm your palate. Mmmm…

Kinda like a Japanese version of Pattaya Fried Rice, no? Well, some of us don’t have the luck to travel to Japan to savour the omurice there. For those of us who are sadly broke but want savour that delicious eggy goodness, you can enjoy this dish locally. Groupon is offering a cash voucher deal from Bonburi Japanese Cuisine at SetiaWalk. For only RM33, you get a RM50 cash voucher to sample various dishes on their menu, including the omurice!

Bonbori Japanese Cuisine
Setiawalk Setiawalk, Pusat Bandar Puchong
Puchong 47160 
From: Groupon Malaysia
Deal details: RM 50 cash voucher for only RM 33

Non-Halal. View deal site for more details on the deal.



Since the induction of the K-Wave here, Korean dramas have been more apparent on our TV screens, K-pop bands have dominated the music scene; and there has also been a spike in the number of Korean restaurants. Although I am neither interested in K-pop or K-dramas, I admit that I have an obligation to be thankful for their popularity here as I have found myself hooked to Kimchi Fried Rice since.

kimchi-frIn case the first picture didn’t whet your appetite, here is a close-up of the dish. Credit:

This dish, although originally supposed to be a simple put-together meal at home, is also thoroughly enjoyed as a staple at many Korean restaurants. A simple harmony of kimchi and red bean paste is stir fried with rice to create a bright red rice dish that is tantalizing to both the eye and taste buds. To enjoy a good dish of kimchi-bokkeumbap, try the restaurants in Myeong-Dong, Seoul!

Or get transported to Myeong-Dong at Oppa-Ya Dakgalbi. This Korean eatery at Kepong is offering a Korean Meal deal with Refillable Side Dishes for only RM18! And kimchi-bokkeumbap isn’t the only yummy thing on the menu; choose from a selection of 10 entrees for a truly yummy Korean taste experience.

Oppa-Ya Dakgalbi
1-1 Jalan Metro Perdana 7 , Taman Usahawan Kepong
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
From: Groupon Malaysia
Deal details:

  • Meal for 1 person for RM18 instead of RM23
  • Meal for 2 people for RM34 instead of RM46 (only RM17 per person)

Non-Halal. View deal site for more details on the deal.

Khao Pad


Khao Pad is a quintessential street food in Thailand. It is very similar to the Chinese fried rice that we’re familiar with, yet their flavour profile is entirely different. The choice of meat served with Khao Pad varies; some examples are pork and shrimp. Most would enjoy the dish with a squeeze of lime juice from the little wedge that is served with it to give it the extra punch. Seasonings such as soy sauce, chillies and fish sauce gives the Khao Pad its characteristic umami and spiciness that is unique to Thai cuisine.

food-porn-riceI want to marry you…. Credit:

Excite your palate by ordering the Khao Pad Kapi from MyElephant Hartamas. Spicy, savoury, sour, and oh so satisfying, you don’t even have to leave your house to taste this dish. MyElephant does home deliveries with Foodpanda. KL dwellers will be delighted to learn of their extensive menu filled with familiar and authentic Thai cuisine.

Where: MyElephant Thai Restaurant (various locations across KL)
From: Foodpanda
Deal details: Food delivery

100% Pork-free (no Halal cert). View merchant site for more details on the deal.

Yang Zhou Fried Rice


Probably the fried rice dish that we are all most well acquainted with. As its name suggests, the origins of this dish (and probably other variations of fried rice dishes from other countries) are from Yang Zhou – a city in Jiang Su Province, China.


Good fried rice can be discerned by its wok hei, which refers to the charred and smoky aroma imparted from the ‘breath’ of the wok to the rice. Yang Zhou fried rice typically encompasses shrimp, diced vegetables, egg, and is seasoned with soy sauce.

Hey you don’t have to travel that far for an authentic taste of this treat. Treat yourself to some yummy Yang Zhou fried rice from Pat Kin Pat Sun Cafe. Order from Foodpanda and you not only will be able to feast in the comfort of your own home, you will get 15% in cashback and free coupon codes.

Where: Pat Kin Pat Sun Cafe, Kuala Lumpur
From: Foodpanda
Deal details: Food delivery
Non-Halal. View merchant site for more details on the deal.

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