You may or may not have read the news lately, but there has been a major change in the laws governing car window tinting in Malaysia. To many Malaysians, this has come as good news. Others may not be that concerned. However, window tinting is pretty popular in tropical Malaysia as it helps cool the internal temperature of cars and protect it from the intense glare of the sun.

In the world of window tinting, the term Visible Light Transmission ( VLT) is one that’s pretty important. VLT describes the level of tinting for windows in terms of the amount of light that can go through. This level is expressed in a percentage, so the lower the VLT, the darker the window is.

What were the previous tinting regulations?

Before May 8th 2019, these were the minimum VLTs for each part of your vehicle:

Front Windshield: 70%
Driver Side Window: 50%
Passenger and Back Windows: 30%

Tinting regulations before May 2019
Image credit: PDRM Facebook

New Tinting Regulations From 8th May 2019

Due to the various requests of Malaysians from all walks of life regarding window tinting, the Minister of Transport Anthony Loke announced that these regulations would be changed. In short, the minimum VLT for the front windshield and driver side window will not change, while limits on the back and passenger windows will be removed completely. Therefore the new minimum VLTs for all windows are as follows:

Front Windshield: 70%
Driver Side Window: 50%
Passenger and Back Windows: None

New tinting regulations
Image credit: JPJ FB

This, in simple terms, means that the light penetration on your front windscreen should be higher than 70% and your driver window higher than 50%, and you’re free to tint the rest of the windows any way you like.

In special cases where cars need darker tinting, they will have to apply for special permits. You will need to pay RM50 and apply for approval from JPJ.  If you successfully obtain a darker tinting permit from the Ministry of Transportation, you’ll be charged RM5,000 and the permit will last 2 years.

According to YB Anthony Loke, many of those who apply for darker tinting are from the higher income group who do so for security purposes.

How The New Regulations Will Benefit You

  • It will resolve the issue of some Japanese manufactured cars that have rear windows tinted beyond the permissible limit previously.
  • Better management of heat in the cars, especially for those who park outdoors for long hours. This is also in line with the rise in temperatures globally due to global warming
  • Increased security and safety as it will protect your car’s contents from the prying eyes of thieves and other criminals.
  • Better care for your car’s interior. Intense sunlight can cause upholstery and leather to fade and get worn out faster so reducing sunlight will increase the lifespan of these materials.
  • Most tinting processes also protect your car windows from breakage, and this makes it harder for thieves to shatter the glass and for you to get hurt in and accident.

Where Can I Get My Windows Tinted?

It’s really important to find a good tinting specialist. Compromising on quality can result in tinting layers developing ugly bubbles after a short time. These are the brands that are generally trusted in Malaysia:


V Kool window tinting
Image credit: V-Kool FB

Address: Multiples locations in KL and JB, details here


tinting by Raytech
Image credit; Raytech FB

Address: Find the nearest Raytech outlet near you here.

3M Car Tinting

3M is an international brand that sells a lot more than car tinting. Many shops carry this brand, so your neighborhood tinting and car accessories shop will possibly have this brand too. Here’s one example of a shop:

3M Car Tint Kuchai Lama
Address: No.22G, Jalan Kuchai Maju 10,Kuchai Entrepreneurs Park,Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Official 3M Website:


car window tint
Image credit: Kuchai Lama 3M Car Tint FB

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