Fitness and health should always be a priority, especially during this period where we’re fighting the spread of Covid-19. Many nations around the world have put some form of social distancing rules in place, and this includes Malaysia. Here, we have our Movement Control Order or MCO.  Part of the restriction includes the opening of gyms and sports centers.

Although jogging, running and other non-contact sports are allowed, we are still encouraged to stay home as much as possible. That’s why knowing some home-based workouts will really help. Here are some routines you can get started with!

1. The Apartment-Friendly Full Body Fat Burn

This workout routine is specifically designed not to have any jumps or loud movements that may disturb your neighbors. Instead, you get an effective 15-minute fat burning routine that targets your entire body. The workout is also suitable for confined spaces and doesn’t require any extra workout equipment.

This makes it the perfect routine if you’re staying in an apartment where space and neighbors are important considerations.

2. Core Cardio Training with Lululemon

Lululemon is a brand of fitness clothing based in Hong Kong and they offer quality sportswear that we all love. Plus, their website has short fitness tutorials for your stay home workouts. The workout tutorials includes Pilates, Yoga, Running, and more.

One of the tutorials that I really recommend that you try is their core cardio training. It is a series of movements that you’ll workout to for a minute, then repeat the cycle as many times as you can! It’s a true cardio workout that will get your adrenaline pumping!

Check out the routine here.


3. Jump Rope Workout

Jumping rope can appear simple, but it’s one of the most effective calorie-burning workouts available. You can burn as much as 110 calories in 10 minutes! All you need is a good jump rope and some floor space. The only thing that’s slightly challenging about jumping rope is that you’ll need lots of practice. If you’re new to this workout, don’t be discouraged if you get tangled up the first few times. Just keep at it and you’ll discover your rhythm soon enough.

For working out, you’ll need a weighted skipping rope, such as the one here at Qoo10 which you can use with Qoo10 promo codes and vouchers and earn up to 3% Cashback for!

skipping ripe
Image credit: Unsplash

4. Low Impact Cardio Workout

If you’re a beginner at this whole fitness business and want to try something that’s easy and isn’t burdensome or complicated, you can try a low-impact fitness routine. This workout is still effective at burning calories and helping you lose weight, while still being easy enough for you to follow. This workout is also great for those with reduced flexibility, either due to injury, age or weight.

5. Simple Burpees

Burpees are one of the most common cardio workouts you can do without needing any equipment. However, it’s a pretty high impact workout that you should try only if your joints and limbs are strong enough and you’ve done enough to build up strength in your ankles, knees, and such. A burpee requires you to bend down and kick out your feet, and then stand back up to do a jump. Here’s how burpees are usually done:

6. Cardio Yoga

There’s a pervading misconception that yoga is an exercise meant for relaxation and increasing flexibility. However, there are many different yoga routines, and many yoga poses are great for straight out calorie burning. It might not seem like it, but holding certain yoga poses really takes a lot of strength and energy. Here’s a cardio yoga routine for beginners:

One item you’ll need to perform yoga effectively is a non-slip yoga mat, which you can find at Sports Direct starting from RM69. Don’t forget to use your Sports Direct promo codes from Shopback for more savings.

7. Fun Trampoline Workout

A trampoline can really bring your workout to the next level, with that added bounce. Working out on a trampoline doesn’t involve any extraordinary movements. In fact, you can just perform a serious of jumps on it. However, for more variations and to see how professionals do it, you can follow this video:

Getting a good quality trampoline is essential for a safe trampoline workout as you don’t want any accidents. Make sure you buy a trampoline specifically for sports and workouts, such as this one from Qoo10 and earn up to 3% Cashback for!

8. Energetic Dance Workout

On some days you just want to get down to some serious cardio, but on some days you might want to let loose and try some dance workout routines instead. You can just turn on your favorite upbeat song and do some simple steps, or follow one of the many dance fitness routines available online. If you’re a fan of Kpop, here’s a workout routine that incorporates some simple K-pop dance moves you can groove to:

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