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The Best Midrange Smartphones from Tmall

Tmall is one of the few ShopBack merchants that spun off from Taobao as a way of providing the best brand names in all of e-commerce. Smartphone brands are no different. Tmall has one of the biggest range of affordable, midrange smartphones to come out of China and Taiwan, and as brands like Xiaomi, Huawei, Meixu and Oppo become household names, shopping for a smartphone becomes a cheap and convenient affair.

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The Most Affordable Gaming Laptops on Rakuten

Rakuten is Japan’s leading E-commerce website, often regarded on the same level as Amazon and eBay in terms of product selection, customer service and prices. It prides itself as the one merchant who actively aims to empower customers with top-quality products that they would desire and get the most value out of.

This is certainly true with mid-range gaming laptops. Typically, when we thought about gaming laptops, top-end prices of above RM 5,900 would come to mind. But with Rakuten, we were actually able to discover some capable gaming laptops from Rakuten, all far below the RM 5,900 price point. And they all fulfilled one important condition we held sacred: all these laptops were able to run every game at 60 frames per second on at least medium graphical settings.The laptops that failed to meet this requirement were put to the wayside.

So, without further ado. we present to you the midrange gaming laptops that we thought would be the best bang for your buck