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Join us in celebrating ShopBack’s fourth anniversary this February! It is not without your loyal support that we get to come this far so this year, as with all the years before, we’re celebrating it with you.

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If you’re planning to celebrate a birthday milestone for yourself or a loved one, here are some birthday celebration inspo!

21st Birthday 

21st birthday party
Image Credit: Giphy

Congratulations, you’re now an adult and being 21 marks the first year of “adulting”. Let’s be very honest here. Adulting is no fun. Your 21st birthday celebration will probably be the last time you’re going to have any fun in awhile so go all-out with this one.

Go all-out

woman celebrating birthday
Image Credit: Sujan Khalifa | Unsplash

Decide on a birthday party theme to plan your cake, attire, food, decorations and invitations around. A really common theme that was all over Instagram last year was “The Great Gatsby” so perhaps you’d like to avoid that. But if you’re a huge fan of “The Great Gatsby” — hey whatever floats your boat. Book a hotel room or a café to host your guests and get those 2-tiered or even 3-tiered birthday cakes with a “twenty-one” cake topper that should feed your armada of family and friends.

A party isn’t a party without some alcohol so pop them champagne bottles!

Low-key is awesome too

food with friends
Image Credit: Daria Shevtsova | Pexels

But if you’re like me and your idea of “fun” is staying in with a good book, why not have a mini celebration with your closest family members and friends? Sit down to a nice, quiet dinner at your favourite restaurant or maybe even order takeout from Foodpanda and dine-in at home! Afterwards, have your family and friends sing you the “Happy Birthday” song while you smile awkwardly and panic internally and wonder if you should sing along too.

Pro tip: Clap and sing along with them; it’ll be a lot less awkward

30th Birthday

30th birthday party alcohol
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Yay! You’ve reached the point in your life where you’ve kind of figured out the art of adulting.

Road trip

road trip socks on dashboard
Image Credit: Paula May | Unsplash

Plan a road trip around Malaysia with some of your closest friends! They might be friends you’ve known since your secondary school days or friends you’ve met at work. Regardless, go on a road trip with these people whom you hold close to your heart as you reminisce on those good ol’ days. During those lulls in conversation, belt out song lyrics that take you back to your teenagehood.

Clear something off your bucket list

skyidiving muzammil soorma unsplash
Image Credit: Muzammil Soorma | Unsplash

Been wanting to skydive and soar through the skies of Australia? Or how about the tattoo that you’ve been wanting to get since forever? There’s no better time than now to check something off your bucket list!

40th Birthday

kids birthday cake candle
Image Credit: Giphy

You may have a kid or two by now and birthday celebrations now include your kids fighting over who gets to blow the candle. Make your 40th an occasion to remember for years to come.

Go for high tea with your friends

high tea
Image Credit: Pexels

Leave the kids at home with your spouse and spend a day out with your friends. Have a nice chat over English Breakfast tea, sandwiches and scones whilst perched in an ornate armchair. For just a few hours at least, set aside your responsibilities and bask in the gentle sunlight streaming through the restaurant’s floor-to-ceiling windows. By the end of your birthday celebration, you should feel recharged and ready to conquer your 40s.

Embark on an adventure

people hiking
Image Credit: Joel Cross | Unsplash

Today is the oldest you’ve ever been, and the youngest you’ll ever be again (quoted from Eleanor Roosevelt) so take good care of your health, mind and body. Train your mind and body before you go on a hike or a backpacking adventure of a lifetime through the scenic Appalachian Trail or the famous Inca Trail.

50th Birthday

wise old man
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Your 50th year has rolled around and it has been said that this is when you’re supposed to be at your wisest and most wealthy. Is it really true, though? Let us know in the comments! But here are some ideas to consider for your 50th birthday celebration that need not require you to be very wise nor very rich.

Go on holiday

old couple walking hand in hand
Image Credit: Pixabay

Take a trip with your spouse or your family to somewhere you’ve never been to yet. Is it the Maldives with its crystal clear waters and pristine beaches? Or perhaps you haven’t been to the romantic floating city of Venice with its curving canals and arched beaches. Or if you have the extra buck to spare, why not go on a month-long tour around your preferred continent?

Spa day

spa day
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Perhaps instead of flying around the world, you’d simply like to plant your feet firmly in the ground as you welcome your 50th birthday. Then, spend your day relaxing at a spa. Book your appointment with Fave promo codes and indulge in a relaxing footbath followed by a full body massage and facial.

60th, 70th, 80th etc. Birthdays

old lady blowing candles
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At 60 and later, it is very likely you aren’t a reader of this post. More likely, your children or your grand children are the ones reading this post and looking for ideas on how to celebrate your birthday.

The traditional Chinese way

chang shou mian
Image Credit: Pexels

Book enough tables at a restaurant to accommodate your parent’s/grandparent’s relatives and friends. The food menu should include noodles and steamed buns in the shape of peaches as they both symbolise having a long life. Usually during the celebrations, everyone would come together to show their appreciation and give presents such as flowers, cakes and money.

Whatever the birthday boy/ girl man/lady wants

grandparents with kids
Image Credit: Pexels

Ask them! They’ll most probably say they don’t find it necessary to celebrate it or that they just want to be with their children and relatives. Then, organise a simple get-together and cater food or organise a potluck where everyone gets to contribute something.

How do you plan on celebrating your milestone birthday? Let us know! Meanwhile, if you need to get a gift for someone or if you’re deciding on an overseas trip to celebrate your birthday, make use of the ShopBack birthday sales to enjoy epic cashback.

*Featured Image Credit: Marina Utrabo | Pexels