It’s the time of the year when you can finally pretend to be somebody else for an entire day and no weird looks will be thrown your way.

It’s Halloween!

For most of you, you’ve probably been already planning your costume since last year’s Halloween. The rest of you are maybe just going to skip it this year, because who are we kidding, these costumes cost a fortune. Cheap Halloween costumes are like teenagers without mobile phones, they’re impossible to find, but they’re not impossible to make.

Read on to find out some of the easiest yet fun adult Halloween costumes that you can make on your own and finally celebrate Halloween this year.

1. Ghost

This is the oldest yet cheapest costume that you can create.

Halloween ghost costume
Image Credit: AmberAvalona | Pixabay

How do you do it: Grab an old, white bed sheet, cut a couple of holes where your eyes should go and throw it over yourself. Voila! Get ready to scare the bejesus outta your friends.

2. Mummy

Another classic Halloween costume that can be made simply using items lying around your home.

Mummy Costume for Halloween
Image Credit: adamtepl | Pixabay

How do you do it: Put on a white t-shirt and pants, grab some bandage rolls or toilet paper, and start rolling them around yourself. Ask a friend to help you secure them, so your costume doesn’t start falling off halfway.

You can also dab on some red coloring on your face to give off a gory effect and appear more realistic.

3. Rosie the Riveter

Here’s one of the most famous Halloween costumes for women, Rosie the Riveter, one of America’s notable cultural icon. This costume is fairly easy to create.

Rosie the Riveter Halloween Costume
Image Credit: Prawny | Pixabay

How do you do it: Grab a pair of blue jeans and a chambray top. Then tie a red bandana over your head and put on some red lipstick if you’re looking to go for a much daring look.

Remember: Fold up your sleeves a little to show off your bicep when you pose for pictures.

4. Catwoman

This is another fun and easy costume to make. All you need are some black clothes, a headband, a manila card and some eyeliner.

Cat woman Halloween Costume
Image Credit: igorsaevets | Pixabay

How do you do it: Cut out kitty ears from the manila card, paint it black and glue it onto the headband. Using your eyeliner, paint the tip of your nose black and draw on three dots on your cheekbones and you’re done.

Try not to scratch anyone who comes too close.

5. Joker

Bring out the bad side in you this Halloween by posing as DC’s famous villain, Joker.

Joker Halloween Costume
Image Credit: Ben_Kerckx | Pixabay

How do you do it: Start off by putting on a fair amount of powder your face, then continue to apply some red lipstick on your lips and drag it all the way to your cheeks. Grab your black eyeshadow and carelessly rub them around your eyes, giving off a smudged effect.

Note: Don’t forget to flash your craziest smile.

6. Back to the ‘70s

Go back in time to the ‘70s by donning your mum’s old dress and some soft red lipstick.

70s Women Halloween Costume
Image Credit: 821764 | Pixabay

How do you do it: Put on a midi floral or polka dot dress and wear your hair down in big curls, and you can either puff up your bangs or put a headband over it.

7. Wednesday Addams

If you’re looking to let your dark side out this Halloween, then what better way to do that than being Wednesday Addams for an entire day.

Wednesday Addams Halloween Costume
Image Credit: Valeria Boltneva | Pexels

How do you do it: Grab a long black dress and sew on a white collar,  if it doesn’t already have one. Then braid your hair and apply some powder on your skin to create a pale look.

Note: This costume goes best with a grim face.

8. Zombie

This is probably one of the most common Halloween costumes ever, and that’s because it costs you almost nothing.

Zombie Halloween Costume
Image Credit: redblbug0 | Pixabay

How do you do it: Grab an old t-shirt and pants, rip it at the ends and give it a trashed look. Then take some red coloring and pour it over your mouth and smear some across your face.

For a much more realistic look, dab some powder on your face to make your skin look pale; you’re supposed to be dead after all.

9. Skeleton

Bust out some skeleton dance moves while you rock this costume.

Skeleton Halloween Costume
Image Credit: neoloky | Pixabay

How do you do it: Grab a pair of black t-shirt and pants and draw a skeleton body on it by either using chalk or white paint, then paint on skull makeup on your face.

Now you can walk around looking bonier than ever.

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*Featured Image Credit: Joshua Reddekopp | Unsplash