It’s that time of the year again, and people are preparing to celebrate Chinese New Year. With festive songs playing in almost every mall and plenty of goodies being sold in store windows, perhaps you would have thought of decorating your home as well. What are the staples for decorating for Chinese New Year? Read on for our top picks:

1. Couplets

chinese new year decorations

Often hung at the doorframes of houses, couplets (or Chun Lian), welcome the new year with prosperous messages. They can say things like ‘May you have a bigger fortune every year‘, or ‘Achieve greater things‘. They bring prosperity to the house as well as greet visitors with well-wishes.

Usually, couplets are inscribed by hand on paper, but some others buy printed couplets online instead.

2. Rat Decorations

chinese new year decorations

As 2020 is the year of the Rat, it’s good luck to have Rat decorations to welcome the year. The Chinese Zodiac celebrates the years of twelve animals in a repeating cycle. Ir

As the Rat is the first animal of the Zodiac, 2020 marks the start of another cycle.

3. Chinese New Year lanterns

chinese new year decorations

As the story goes, the monster Nian was afraid of bright lights, loud sounds and the colour red, so families hang red lanterns around the house for good luck. Today, red lanterns are a staple of Chinese New Year and are often used in mall decorations, but who’s stopping you from putting them at home?

4. Papercraft Wall Decorations

Get your windows festive with Chinese New Year papercraft. Papercraft has long been a craft associated with the occasion, and vendors take to the streets with their intricate papercraft decorations each year. Decorations range from Zodiac themed to Chinese prosperous characters.

5. Red Packets

chinese new year decorations

Some people decorate their homes with red packets. Here’s how you can too; make red packet paper lanterns or fold origami out of them! It’ll put a festive twist on your home with a little creativity. Collect red packets from banks and organisations, or buy some online if you’re picky about design.

6. Hanging Decorations

Why stop with the walls? Deck your ceiling out in red with these tassel decorations. Your home will look so much more festive! You can hang whatever design you want, as long as its red. The only limit is your imagination. The longer the tassel, some say, the more prosperity it brings!

7. Upside down ‘Fu’ characters

In Chinese, Fu means luck and prosperity. An interesting thing about Chinese New Year is, ‘Fu’ is always placed upside down on the door. The Chinese believe that by putting it upside down, luck and prosperity will pour on the house. Almost every house has a ‘Fu’ pasted somewhere, so why not join in and get one of your own online?

Decorating can be easy and fun

We’ve given you some pointers to get started, but the rest is up to you. There’s no right way to decorate your house, only innovation and a lot of creativity. Good luck, and we’re sure you’ll come up with something amazing!

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