Be honest. You have a red shirt or two in your closet you break out every Chinese New Year. You need something new. There are only so many red shirts you can justify buying, after all!

Fortunately, red isn’t the only lucky colour and shirts aren’t the only way to add colour to your outfit!

Fengshui masters say the lucky colours to wear in the Year of the Dog in 2018 are green, blue and black — colours that symbolise the elements Wood and Water — to help balance the surplus of the Earth element of the Dog.

Here are 5 ways you can incorporate these lucky colours into your outfits this Chinese New Year!

1. Patterned Shirts

You don’t need to make a huge radical change to your standard look to look different this Chinese New Year.

If you’ve been wearing plain shirts in varying shades of red, switch it up by wearing a patterned shirt instead! While loud floral and paisley prints have started filtering into streetwear for men as well, there’s no need to wear that if it’s not your style!

Wearing a shirt with small polka dots on dark red is an obvious change, but not a loud print.

Also, don’t forget that while red is traditional, there are other lucky colours you can wear. Don’t rule out blue, green or black shirts!

Patterned Shirts for Chinese New Year

(L-R): Bellfield Shirt In Paisley Print, ASOS Oversized Shirt In Vintage Floral Print With Revere Collar, ASOS Party Regular Fit Polka Dot Shirt

2. Coloured Bottoms

Don’t restrict patterns and colours to your shirts though! Rather than wearing good ol’ black or denim, why not let your pants make a statement instead?

For the less adventurous, try wearing dark red or khaki green pants this year. While they aren’t strictly neutrals, these colours are both auspicious and easy enough to match. Just toss on a white or grey shirt — you definitely have one! — and fold up those sleeves!

If you’re more daring, this pair of burgundy and black checked trousers would be far more striking. Toss on a pair of black suspenders to complete the look!

Coloured Bottoms for Chinese New Year

(L-R): ASOS Skinny Chinos In Khaki, Noose & Monkey Tapered Pleated Check Trousers

3. Suspenders

Speaking of suspenders, a black pair can update your look real quick, but did you know they also came patterned?

No, not those Disney printed ones from your childhood.

A printed pair like the paisley one in the picture would add the necessary auspicious pop of red without wearing another red shirt for yet another Chinese New Year!

Of course, bright green pants might be a bit too loud — though they would be lucky! Black or navy — any colour that contrasts well with your shirt while still complementing the pattern of your suspenders will work as well!

Just a quick tip: In general, picking a complementary color (e.g. green and red, blue and orange) or a neutral colour present in the design is a safe bet!

Men's Suspenders for Chinese New Year

7X Paisley Suspenders

4. Bowties

Ties are a bit on the formal side, but bowties have a hipster chic vibe that you can definitely get away with. They are an easy way to add pattern and colour to your outfit without going too crazy!

Bowties come in a huge variety of textures, materials and prints, so you’ve plenty of options. Just pick something in one of the auspicious colours for this Chinese New Year that contrasts well with your shirt and you’re good to go!

If you’re wearing suspenders as well, bear in mind that bowtie and suspenders should match — or at least not clash!

Men's Bowties for Chinese New Year

(L-R): ASOS Bow Tie In Burgundy, Religion Bow Tie in All Over Print

5. Socks

If you’d like to add more lucky colours to your outfit but are afraid to throw off the tried and tested red and black, why not try on some colourful socks?

Brightly coloured socks provide a very discreet pop of colour — and if you’re worried about making a fashion faux pas, you’ll be taking them off when you go visiting anyway!

Colorful Socks for Chinese New Year

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