Most Malaysians just love celebrating, and Christmas is the perfect excuse. You can recreate that Christmassy feeling at home or in your workplace) for next to nothing. Here are some affordable Christmas decorations we’ve found, and they’re all less than RM10 per piece:

1.Santa Wall Mural Sticker (RM5.09)

Nothing excites us more than Santa Claus bearing gifts. Get a piece of these removable wall stickers that are perfect for glass doors and glass windows. They come in a complete set (with all the components separated) and you can have a fun time putting the stickers together. You can follow the prescribed picture, or just get creative and re-arrange all the parts to come up with something completely new.

Where to get it?
Lazada has many different versions of Christmas wall murals, including this one.

Santa wall sticker christmas decorations
Image credit: Lazada

2. Plush Toy Ornaments (RM7.20)

There’s nothing that lifts the spirits during the holiday season than a bunch of really cute plush toys in the shape of your favourite Christmas characters. These include a snowman, reindeer, Santa and Christmas Teddy bear. All of them can be hung up on your tree, your windowpane or placed at the centre of your Christmas dinner table.

Where to get it?
You can get all four pieces as a single set at Lazada

Christmas plush christmas decorations
Image credit: Lazada

3. Christmas Wreath ( RM 7.32)

Traditionally, Christmas wreaths were placed at the front door of the house. It’s usually made of evergreen leaves to signify the continues and neverending circle of life and the seasons. Wreaths come decorated with various small embellishments, including ribbons, berries and more.

Where to get it?
Drop by Lazada for great wreath options like this one.

Christmas Wreath christmas decorations
Image credit: Lazada

4.Fairy Lights (RM10)

Fairy lights are pretty versatile and you can wrap them around your tree, or just wind them around any part of your home. A simple string of warm Christmas lights will immediately bring an air of festivity to any space, whether indoor or outdoor. You can get creative and hang up these lights for a party too, to create a warm and cosy feeling that’s a typical part of the season.

Where to get it?
Taobao has this string of lights that is 10 meters long, with 100 lights per set for only RM10.

Fairy lights in yellow christmas decorations
Image credit: Taobao Vendor

5. Christmas Streamers (RM4.70)

Paper or foam streamers are an inexpensive decorative item that can really fill up empty spaces on your walls and between pillars. These indoor streamers come in different designs, and they’re all adorable. They’re great for a Christmas party, but even if you don’t have anyone coming over, they add to the cheerfulness of the season with their bright colours and fun images.

Where to get it?

T-Mall has these streamers that come in a pack of 8 pieces and various designs

Christmas streamers
Image credit: T-Mall Vendor

6. Christmas Candlestick Lamps (RM6.40)

Warm light emanating from an old fashioned lamp can d wonders to warm up any cold heart this Christmas. A great Christmas decoration idea is to place an ancient style handheld lamp and place a tea light inside. If you’re afraid of the fire hazard, you can even place a jumble of fairy lights inside to create a magical atmosphere.

Where to get it?
Shopee has these lamps decorated with winter scenes.

Christmas lamp
Image credit: Shopee Vendor

There are many stores online offering affordable Christmas decorations this season, and you can browse them all. Decorating can be easy, as we’ve just shown with these affordable decorations for an even merrier Christmas.

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