Cheap Christmas Decorations for A Cosy Home 

Christmas is just around the corner! Most Malaysians just love celebrating, and Christmas is the perfect occasion to get festive, especially at home! You can recreate that Christmassy feeling at home with almost zero damage to your wallets.

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Here are 7 affordable Christmas decorations we’ve found, and they’re all less than RM10 per piece:

1. Santa Christmas Window and Door Stickers (RM6.15)

Nothing excites us more than Santa Claus bearing gifts. Get these removable wall stickers that are perfect for glass doors and windows. These packs come in different components. You can either follow the sample provided, or get creative in putting them together. T-Mall has many different versions of Christmas decoration stickers. This one is waterproof, and has 24 different sets with varying designs available.

christmas decorations glass window stickers
Image Credit: Tmall
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2. White Reindeer Window and Door Stickers (RM8.25)

Don’t worry if you’re not that much of a fancy colourful decor person. There are also simple, minimalistic white window and door stickers available on Shopee. These adhesive-free electrostatic stickers are transparent. So you don’t have to spend so much time and effort cleaning them afterwards.

christmas window stickers with white snowflakes and reindeers
Image Credit: Shopee
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3. Christmas Glowing Lights (RM6.15)

To all the people who never stopped believing in Santa – here’s a deco for you. These LED lights come in different lengths, starting from 1.5m. So whichever one you choose depends on how many Santas you want to see. Of course, we say the more the merrier! If you’re one of those people who has never believed in Santa, you might find the Snowman version a lot more fitting for your Christmas home decor.

cute santa LED decoration lights
Image Credit: Taobao
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4. Mini Christmas Character Figurines (RM7.20)

There’s nothing that lifts the spirits during the holiday season than a bunch of really cute figurines in the shape of your favourite Christmas characters. These include a snowman, reindeer, Santa and Christmas Teddy bear. All of them can be placed on your coffee table, the centre of your Christmas dinner table, or anywhere with a flat surface.

mini christmas character figurines
Image Credit: Shopee
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5. Glitter Flowers Christmas Tree Ornaments (RM4.99)

Why not adorn your Christmas tree with these dainty beautiful flower ornaments. If you want to spice it up a little, get multiple colours together and decorate your tree however you want. Shopee has these artificial flowers in various colours – including red, silver and gold. Each pack comes with 10 pieces. The flowers are really glittery too!

christmas decor artificial flowers ornaments
Image Credit: Shopee
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6. Christmas Wreath (RM8.38)

Traditionally, Christmas wreaths were placed at the front door of the house. It’s usually made of evergreen leaves to signify the continues and never-ending circle of life and the seasons. Wreaths come decorated with various small embellishments, including ribbons, berries and more.

They can be pretty expensive, costing around RM50. However, if you want a more affordable one instead, drop by Shopee for great mini wreath options like this one.

christmas decor mini wreath
Image Credit: Shopee
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7. LED Fairy Lights (RM5 – RM10)

Fairy lights are pretty versatile and you can wrap them around your tree, or just wind them around your home. A simple string of warm Christmas lights immediately brings an air of festivity to any space, whether indoor or outdoor. You can get creative and hang up these lights for a party too, to create a warm and cosy feeling that’s a typical part of the season.

For 2m or 3m length LED fairy lights, you can find one on Shopee. They’re priced affordably at around RM5, with different shapes like stars and balls.

LED Christmas Decorations Lights for Christmas Home Decor
Image Credit: Shopee
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Fairy lights in yellow christmas decorations
Image Credit: Taobao

Alternatively, Taobao has this string of lights that is 10 meters long, with 100 lights per set for only RM10.

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8. Creative LED Pendants (RM6.15)

Christmas home decor is all about lighting it up so the night view is even prettier. If you want some extra oomph other than just fairy lights, these cute little pendants might just be up your alley. Taobao has multiple cute ones. You can either buy them individually or in sets.

taobao christmas decorations led lights with reindeer bells and christmas tree designs
Image Credit: Taobao
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9. Christmas Streamers (RM4.91)

Paper or foam streamers are an inexpensive decorative item that can really fill up empty spaces on your walls and between pillars. These indoor streamers come in different designs, and they’re all adorable. They’re great for a Christmas party. But even if you don’t have anyone coming over, they add to the cheerfulness of the season with their bright colours and fun images.

T-Mall has these streamers that come in a pack of 8 pieces and various designs. Each one goes up to 3m.

Christmas wall streamers
Image Credit: T-Mall
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10. Christmas Candlestick Lamps (RM9.60)

Warm light emanating from an old fashioned lamp can d wonders to warm up any cold heart this Christmas. A great Christmas decoration idea is to place an ancient style handheld lamp and place a tea light inside. If you’re afraid of the fire hazard, you can even place a jumble of fairy lights inside to create a magical atmosphere. Shopee has these lamps decorated with winter scenes. You can choose from Santa Clause, Elk, and Snowman designs.

cartoon christmas snowman pattern wind lamp
Image Credit: Shopee
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11. Christmas Chair Leg Cover (RM 7.80)

Malaysians with little ones at home know how careful you have to be with furnitures with sharp corners. Instead of covering them with basic leg covers, consider making them extra festive with these leg covers.vThese adorable leg covers on Shopee are adhesive-free electrostatic stickers. Meaning that they are transparent, and the chair legs will be easy to clean too.

christmas chair leg cover decorations
Image Credit: Shopee
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12. Santa Desktop Wooden Letters (RM 7.56)

Wooden Letters always make a simple statement decoration piece. Not to mention they’re super versatile. You can either place them in your living room, dining room, or even just on your usual study and work desks. The cute little Santa Deco from Shopee can definitely cheer you up as you power through work. If you’re not a Santa kind of person, you can get the Snowman or Snowflake variation instead.

christmas decorations cute santa tabletop wooden letters
Image Credit: Shopee
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13. Velvet ‘Merry Christmas’ Carpets (RM8.23)

Greet your guests with lovely yet simple carpets! They’re the first thing you set your eyes on when you reach home. Having a lovely festive message is a happy reminder of this exciting festive season. Shopee has these affordably priced soft velvet mats. They also come in different designs for you to choose from.

christmas living room and bathroom carpets with merry christmas greetings
Image Credit: Shopee
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14. Canvas Print Set for Family Photos (RM 10)

Christmas is a tradition for families and loved ones. Having a lovely family picture hung on the wall this festive season might just be the simplest, yet the most heartwarming deco you need.  You can place them on the wall, among the other colourful decos you have!

canvas air photobook malaysia for christmas family photos
Image Credit: Photobook Malaysia
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Getting Festive with Your Christmas This 2020

There are many stores online offering affordable Christmas decorations this season, and you can browse them all. Decorating can be easy, as we’ve just shown with these affordable decorations for an even merrier Christmas.

Begin your Christmas shopping with Shopee, Taobao, T-Mall, and more. Don’t forget to shop through ShopBack for bonus Cashback! Keep a lookout for 12.12 sales to earn more Cashback and even bigger discounts!

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