Christmas Eve is a celebration you love attending but what if you were tasked to organize it for once? You might probably panic and think, “I don’t have the money to host one!” or “I have no idea to how to get started”. Well, we’ve got you covered. Here are 8 Christmas Eve hacks you can use to have a budget-friendly party that will be that talk of the town!

Send all invites online

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Everything is online nowadays, making it way easier to send invites without the hassle of snail mail. Utilize social media platforms like Facebook to send out the invites, and use free tools like Canva to create the graphics. With lots of existing templates to choose from for the holidays, they make your invites looked like its professionally designed. Customise the themes, font, and text to create an invite that is uniquely your style.

Host the parties at home

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Instead of renting an outdoor space, hosting parties at home is great, especially for a small guest list. If you have more guests to entertain and there’s little room, just ask around. Host it at someone else’s house to save up on a couple of dollars. An alternative solution would be to scour through Airbnb for a rental, instead of splurging on a large hotel room.

Go Easy On The Decor

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Decorations need not be too fancy. A homey, well-placed decor could spruce up your house for a welcoming impression. Reuse decorations and opt for the classic options, such as garlands, lights, ribbons, pine cones, a few flowers. Stick to a two-tone theme so everything’s cohesive. In light of the festive season, we say go with the colors of reds, greens, white and metallics.

Take advantage of shopping deals

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In the season of gifting, comes the season of great sales. Find abundant Christmas sales in the nearest mall. Besides offline sales, don’t miss online discounts as well. Prices usually drop at this time of the year, where clearance sales starts to come in. Buy in in bundle sets, use coupon codes, and of course check out available cashback promos! Whether you’re shopping for food, clothes, or gifts, there’s something available at a good discount.

Go with the potluck option

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Bringing your own food and booze has always been popular among group parties because it’s a budget-friendly option. Besides, you get a taste of everyone’s favourites for this surprise menu. It’s also the perfect time to try your culinary skills. If you didn’t prepare anything or were worried about the costs of a feast, order family specials via food delivery!

Ask your loved ones to pitch in

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Being the host of the event doesn’t mean you have to do everything on your own. If you are overwhelmed, open up and ask people for help. By getting them to pitch in on ideas and handle some tasks would also allow you to prepare more efficiently. The same idea works in the financial sense. Request to split the bill on the Christmas buffet or feat, for example, which would help to keep expenses lower. It’s a party for everyone, after all.

Preparing entertainment

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People can be easily entertained if you have common interests. You can host a game night with their favorite board games or cards games. Another crowd favorite is Karaoke. To set the mood, you can also make use of Youtube or Spotify and play Holiday tunes. Depending on the type of crowd you’re hosting, prepare something that would delight them. Family-friendly Christmas movies are great when children are around; on the other hand, beer pong and card games are best for a gathering of close friends.

DIY your presents

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Making your own gifts can be time-consuming but it’s also the most budget-friendly choice. Not to mention, gifts are always better when you put your heart into it. Opt for baked goods, soap, candles, cards, jewelry, sewing projects, and the like. For those new to the DIY circle, here are some quick recommendations to get started with!

Bonus tip: taking baby steps

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If handling a large group is out of your abilities, especially as a first-time host, do it in batches or host a smaller gathering. Not only do you save up on the costs, you would also be able to better handle your time and be an accommodating host for your guests. Gather your closest pals and family for this special event and bond with those who truly matter to you.

At the end of the day, Christmas is all about celebrating with loved ones, and not about the glitz and glamour. A successful party is having a great time with your family and friends. Be sincere, plan smart, and you’re on your way to playing a great host this Christmas!

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