Chrome Extensions (and any internet browser extensions, really) do everything these days. They remember your passwords. They correct your grammar. They make your new tab look absolutely beautiful. These all serve to make your browsing experience a little more enjoyable when you’re using your computer.

momentum screenshot google extensions
Like this one from Momentum that changes your tab’s image everyday.
Image Credit: Momentum | Google Extensions

But you know what would be really useful?

An extension that could give you actual cash.

So, You Get Cashback When You Shop Through ShopBack

Well, ShopBack has always been giving you Cashback via our Mobile App or the desktop site. And if you’re read anything on the ShopBack Malaysia’s blog, you obviously know that we help you to live life — and shop — the smarter way.

But we get it. It can be difficult to actually click through our website to get Cashback. There are days when you get lazy, or you forgot to click through (trust me, I’ve had those times too) and it hits you hard — especially when you’re looking at your credit card bill for the new vacuum cleaner you just bought… and realised you’ve forgotten to activate your Cashback.

All that money earned from Cashback can buy your next cup of bubble tea, or even your next staycation!

It’s free money you left on the shelf. The more you think about it, the angrier you become. All that money you could have spent on something else. How could you have forgot?

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But ShopBack is here to tell you that it’s okay. There’s no need to beat yourself over it.

Because we love you, and we want you to always get your money’s worth…

We have a solution.

Enter: The ShopBack Cashback Button

We built this (okay, the engineers at ShopBack built this) to solve exactly that problem for you.

You won’t need to worry about forgetting to get your money from us ever again.

As long as you keep the extension on, we’ll remind you. We’ll let you know to activate your Cashback when you’re googling brand names.

No Cashback will get left behind.

Here’s How The ShopBack Cashback Button Works

1. Go To Any Website Who’s Partnering With ShopBack As A Merchant

2. The Button Will Flash Green and A Pop Up With The Cashback Amount Will Be Shown

* Note: Promo codes are valid at the time of writing and is subjected to change without prior notice.

3. The Button Will Turn Green With The Message “Cashback Activated”

* Note: Promo codes are valid at the time of writing and is subjected to change without prior notice.

Why You Should Use This Chrome Extension: It’s Easy To Shop on Taobao

No more trying to figure out if your Taobao purchases have Cashback. As long as you have the extension installed, we’ll automatically tell you if you have Cashback on an item.

Just add your purchase to cart, and shop away.

If you still find shopping on Taobao confusing, we’ve also got you covered with our guides on shopping on Taobao.

How To Use The ShopBack Cashback Button To Shop On Taobao

  1. Download the Extension on Chrome Web Store

Download the ShopBack Cashback Button on the Chrome Web Store or on Firefox.

  1. Get Notified If the Item Has Cashback

Taobao Cashback

Shop and browse on Taobao as per normal, and get notified when Cashback is available for that particular item.

  1. Activate Cashback and Add to Cart

Click on the “Activate Cashback” Button and add the item to cart.

  1. Check Out and Pay

Check out and pay within 12 hours of activating the Cashback button to receive your Cashback.

  1. Confirm Your Delivery

Confirm your delivery for your Cashback to be added back into your account within 1 day.

Seriously, Getting Cashback is That Easy

If missing cashback is the bane of your online shopping wallet, then the solution is right in front of you.

Just download the ShopBack Cashback Button, and shop anywhere on the internet, including Taobao.

*Featured Image Credit: Pablo Heimplatz | Unsplash

* First published 6 November 2018, last updated: 7 September 2020.