Minimalistic designs focus on simplicity and functionality, whilst exuding elegance. The kitchen is the space where loved ones gather to bond and spend quality time at, making it important to have a safe and clutter-free space.

Minimalistic Design Home
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HipVan offers designer home furnishings sourced at warehouse prices so you can redecorate without shelling out too much money. Here are some of our favourites from Hipvan.

1. Hetty Counter Stool from Malmö

Hetty Counter Stool

Made from Malaysian Oak, the Hetty Counter Stool is a classic piece that is sure to complement your existing dining area. It provides that much needed extra seating in your kitchen and comes in 4 different colours for you to choose from.

Usual Retail Price: RM 560
HipVan Price: RM 349 (RM 342.02 after cashback)

2. Philly Bar Stool from Helga

Philly Bar Stool

The Philly Bar Stool is elegantly designed and yet does not compromise on comfort. It comes in 6 different colours to choose from to fit in your dining space. This sleek bar stool with sturdy tapered wooden legs is made from high-quality Malaysian Oak.

Usual Retail Price: RM 896
HipVan Price: RM 719 (RM 704.62 after cashback)

3. Theo Lamp from Helga

Big Theo Lamp

This signature lamp from Helga features a pendant design with wire coils that cascades down to the bowl-shaped lamp shade. It comes in two different sizes and casts a warm, soft glow over your dining table for a cosy meal time.

Small Theo Lamp

Big Theo Lamp – Usual Retail Price: RM 1,152
HipVan Price: RM 919 (RM 900.62 after cashback)

Small Theo Lamp – Usual Retail Price: RM 720
HipVan Price: RM 579 (RM 567.42 after cashback)

4. Sphere Pendant Lamp from Helga

Sphere Pendant Lamp

A spherical lamp shade that serves as a functional lighting and an art piece.  This is one simple addition to your dining space that instantly creates a warm ambience. It comes in 4 different colours and you can opt for the copper for brighter lighting or keep it cosy with the matte designs.

Usual Retail Price: RM 512
HipVan Price: RM 409 (RM 400.82 after cashback)

5. Kyoto Dining Table from Stockholm

Kyoto Dining Table

The Kyoto Dining Table is inspired by Japanese minimalist designs and made from Birch wood. A simple rectangular wooden table with bent wooden legs that embodies Zen elements, making it a simple and calming piece in your dining area.

Usual Retail Price: RM 359
HipVan Price: RM 249 (RM 244.02)

6. Kyoto Dining Chair (Set of 4) from Shape

Kyoto Dining Chair

The Kyoto Dining Chair features a curved wooden seat mounted on stainless steel legs. The chair matches the Kyoto Dining Table plus it is also stackable for easy storage.

Usual Retail Price: RM 804
HipVan Price: RM 599 (RM 587.02)

7. Multi-Functional Table with Extension from Stockholm

Multi-Functional Table with Extension

This Multi-Functional Table with Extension is classy, practical and resistant to scratches. You can leave it half opened during small gatherings or turned into a full dining table for six when completely extended.

The 2-level storage space under the table top can be utilised even when the table is stowed away. This dining table is ideal if you need flexibility in space planning in your dining area.

Multi-Functional Table with Extension

Usual Retail Price: RM 796
HipVan Price: RM 599 (RM 587.02)

With free shipping for purchases over RM500, you can receive your furniture from HipVan within 5 to 7 working days of purchase. Time to redesign your living space with HipVan! Don’t forget to shop via ShopBack to earn 2% cashback on your new furniture!

All images are taken from HipVan unless otherwise stated.