Bags, check. Passport, check. Cash, check. Flight ticket, check. You’ve been fumbling around your pockets and bags as you walk towards the departure gate, wondering if you forgot anything and if your cash is all present and accounted for.

Don’t forget one of the ultimate travelling tools, though – the credit card. It is one of the most useful items you can carry when travelling.

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  1. Free travel insurance when purchasing flight tickets

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Depending on which credit card you have, you can receive free travel insurance when you purchase flight tickets with it. This saves you the hassle of time and money spent trying to get travel insurance separately, which can cost anything from RM50 to hundreds depending on location and length of stay.

For example, MayBank’s Maybankard 2 Platinum Card provides you with free travel insurance with coverage of up to RM1 million! Most of these insurances also cover missed flights and luggage loss. Try using your credit card the next time you’re buying flight tickets, but make sure you check first to know what is included in the insurance coverage.

  1. Replenishing your foreign currency if you run out

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In countries where cash is more widely accepted than credit cards, there’s always the risk of running out of cash. When that happens, you’ll scramble for a money changer looking to exchange whatever Malaysian currency you may have into the local currency.

If you bring along your credit card, however, you can get cash advances from the ATM in the local currency at a small fee.

  1. Replace your credit card easily if stolen or lost

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In the unfortunate event that you lose your credit card while traveling, either losing it on accident or stolen, you can easily get it replaced. If your cash get stolen or lost, however, it is pretty much gone forever.

With a credit card, you can call your issuing bank and inform them of the situation. What banks will usually do is block the card from use and prepare a replacement for you. The replacement, depending on the card, can sometimes be sent to your hotel in a few days, otherwise you can pick it up when you’re back home.

  1. Enjoy free airport lounge access!

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Most credit cards give you access to airport lounges in the departure area, where you can relax and enjoy a variety of food and beverages at no cost. All you have to do is to present the credit card and your boarding pass to the lounge reception.

Keep in mind that some cards offer limited accesses in a year while some offer unlimited accesses – some may even let you bring in a guest (who isn’t a cardholder).

  1. Earn Reward Points & Air Miles

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Depending on which credit cards you are using, you can earn either reward points or air miles when you shop and purchase your flight tickets. If you have both a rewards credit card and an air miles credit card, then you can use the rewards one to do your shopping overseas and the air miles card to purchase your flight tickets. This would net you both rewards points and air miles throughout your trip.

Air Miles can be exchanged into flight tickets, literally earning you travel when you are already travelling. Rewards points, on the other hand, can be exchanged for gifts or vouchers.

Travel With Your Credit Card

The next time you travel, pack your bags, but don’t forget your credit card too!

The article was written by Lord Tan from, a site dedicated to increasing financial literacy and helping you save time and money by comparing credit cards, personal loans, and broadband plans in Malaysia.

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