Baked Perch with Pasta Arrabiata and Roast Vegetables

Nutritious, balanced meals – we all know that they are indispensable to a healthy, fulfilling lifestyle. However, eating salads every lunch or dinner doesn’t sound exactly the most appealing dining option for many of us, does it? Well, with dahmakan and their ingenious meal options, you’d be able to have your daily dose of nutri-licious veggies with satisfied taste buds and a happy tummy! Don’t believe us? Take a look at the super interesting ways they have managed to incorporate all sorts of vegetables in their menu!

Cabbage slaw in a fish taco

Baja Fried Fish Taco with Chipotle Mayo

Firstly, who can resist tacos! It gets even better, as the fragrant spices in the fried fish fillet is complemented perfectly with a refreshing match of cabbage slaw tossed in tangy chipotle mayonnaise. Not to mention how pretty the taco is with the golden brown of the fillet, bright orange of the carrot and dark purple of the cabbage! Never thought eating veggies could give you more pleasure than eating fast food? Well, think again!

Price before cashback: RM20

Price after cashback: RM18.60

Miso-glazed egg plant and siew pak choy with soba

Miso-Glazed Eggplant with Organic Soba Noodles and Siew Pak Choy

Yes, this is a completely vegetarian option. Be assured, however, that you won’t even feel the absence of meat at all! That is because you will be lifted to a new height of ‘umami’-filled bliss as you taste the soft and creamy egg plant coated with savoury miso. The organic soba serves as a good base for this refreshing dish, which is also topped with siew pak choy crispy and bouncy tofu. A refreshing mix-and-match of delightful textures and flavours, this dish is definitely a winner in terms of getting us to eat our veggies wholeheartedly!

Price before cashback: RM22

Price after cashback: RM20.46

Pickled vegetable with teriyaki salmon and rice

Teriyaki Salmon with Spring Onion Brown Rice, Vegetable Pickles and Tamago

Sweet, sour and crunchy, pickled vegetables are a must-have in this humid tropical country. Similar to the ‘achar’ that we are familiar with, this lighter version is pickled in lemon which adds a wonderfully enticing acidity and also Vitamin C. The pickled vegetables here serve as a perfect side dish to the star of the show – teriyaki salmon. With succulent baked salmon coated in deliciously sweet and salty teriyaki sauce, you know you’re definitely in for a wonderful meal!

Price before cashback: RM25

Price after cashback: RM23.25

Baked broccoli and feta cake

Broccoli and Feta Cakes with Seasonal Vegetables

For all the people who hated broccoli as kids and would only eat them if they were hidden inconspicuously in something tasty, this meal is a nostalgic throwback to the past in a very yummy way indeed. This food pairing might not be the first to come to mind, but cheese and broccoli go delightfully together. Try it yourself with these fluffy feta cakes, loaded with scrumptious bites of broccoli! Have we mentioned that this is also a vegetarian option? We bet you’re already eager to this out regardless if you’re a vegetarian or not!

Price before cashback: RM19

Price after cashback: RM17.67

Seasonal vegetables simmered in chicken chilli

Chicken Chili Con Carne with Wild Rice and Seasonal Vegetables

Who said that vegetables and meat have to be cooked and eaten separately? Add a kick of spice to your vegetable-meat combo with delightfully rich and thick tomato stew packed with earthy kidney beans, caramelised onions and crumbly minced chicken. Just imagine the sweetness of the chicken blending into the juicy, flavourful tomato stew. The slight heat coming from the chilli powder blended into the dish will be more than enough to stimulate your appetite to finish the wild rice that comes the stew and ask for a second serving after that!

Price before cashback: RM20

Price after cashback: RM18.60

Spinach and mushroom lasagne

Spinach and Mushroom Lasagne with Tomato Coulis

As the name suggests, this dish is also vegetarian. Popeye the sailor man will be delighted to find out that his favourite vegetable is transformed into a decadent and rich meal, and so are we! Each layer in the lasagne is loaded with yummy spinach and mushroom, all held together by gooey and velvety combination of melted mozzarella, parmesan and ricotta cheese. The richness of the dish is balanced cleverly with thick tomato sauce. Now, you can enjoy your favourite comfort food and at the same time give yourself a pat on the back for eating plenty of vegetables.

Price before cashback: RM19

Price after cashback: RM17.67

You might have noticed from the Dahmakan dishes introduced above that many dishes are vegetarian. We have good news for our vegetarian friends, which is that out of the three meal options offered each day for both lunch and dinner, one will definitely be a vegetarian option! For our vegetarian friends who are fretting over the lack of food options outside, we have a scrumptious solution for you right now, so do check Dahmakan out!

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