Have you ever felt like your bedroom needs an update to be in the modern era?

But you just can’t seem to go through with it, because most of those Pinterest bedroom ideas seem to either cost a lot of money or energy and you don’t know where to start.

Fret not, for we have listed below some of the most exciting and cheapest ways to jazz up your room without spending a fortune.

1. Rearrange Your Furnitures

rearrange your furniture to revamp your room
Image Credit: Sylwia Pietruszka | Unsplash

Now, this one costs you absolutely nothing but some time and a bit of effort. Although, when done properly, it can prove to be one of the best solutions, especially if you’re looking to jazz up your room. The simple logic behind this is the fact that after looking at something for such a long time, you’re  bound to get bored, so just move some things around and see how you like them! You might end up with a completely different space that’ll look brand new!

2. Go Minimalistic 

Minimalistic wardrobe
Image Credit: Alexandru Acea | Unsplash

Minimalism is a great way of life; this much sought after lifestyle is great in making sure that you’ve got less to no clutter. And if you’re looking to revamp your bedroom, then this should definitely be one of your first steps. So, get rid of all your unwanted clothes and furnitures and store away seasonal items. Apart from making your room a lot more conducive and comfortable, being minimalistic certainly helps in making it a whole lot more pleasing to look at.

3. Create Your Own Art Wall

DIY Art Wall in your room
Image Credit: Joyce McCown | Unsplash

If you are gifted with some artistic skills then here’s a really good way to put it to use, and if you aren’t, there’s no harm in exploring a bit. So grab your watercolours, pencils and papers and create some  masterpieces that’d look great on your wall. Keep in mind, that it need not be something too intricate –unless, of course that’s what you want. It can be as simple as splattered paint, or colourful brush strokes. On the contrary, if you just can’t seem to create your own, then feel free to find gorgeous pictures on the internet, print them out and hang them up on your room.

4. Put Up Fairy Lights

fairy lights in a mason jar
Image Credit: Diego Ph | Unsplash

Nearly every aesthetic bedroom ideas on Pinterest is guaranteed to have included fairy lights, and we just can’t argue, for it really does give off a beautiful vibe. On top of being extremely aesthetically pleasing, these string fairy lights aren’t all that expensive either, you can grab them from Lazada at less than 10 bucks; they’re sure to brighten up your room 😉

5. DIY Pillow Cases and Tapestry

throw pillows diy covers
Image Credit: Devon Janse Van Rensburg | Unsplash

While throw pillows usually come with stunning covers, quirky quotes or and designs, you could always take it a notch higher by customising the design to match your room. There are multiple DIY videos on YouTube that offer a step-by-step guide on hand-painting pillowcases that would definitely add on to the aesthetic. And if you’re willing to take it even further, then feel free to create your very own tapestry, tailored to your own preference and style.

6. Purchase Faux Plants

Faux plants for your room
Image Credit: John Mark Arnold | Unsplash

Artificial plants will be a great addition to your room, especially if you can’t seem to be committed to taking care of actual plants. These tiny faux potted plants are lightweight and cheap, and would serve as a great minimalistic accessory on your side table or bed frame. Plus, they are sure to liven up your space a tad bit more, just like real plants do!

7. Recycle and Reuse

light bulbs in old mason jars
Image Credit: Javier Graterol | Unsplash

There are so many ways to be creative when it comes to recycling unwanted or unused items. For example, you can transform old lightbulbs into beautiful ornaments, just spray paint them and hang or place them around your room. Think out of the box, and go crazy with transforming these unused items into cool new pieces for your space!

So follow these cheap & easy tricks and get that gorgeous Pinterest-worthy room! Check out Lazada’s app for promos on accessories that might be helpful in decorating journey, and be sure to go through Shopback so you can score up to 11.0% cashback!