Going out can be a hassle. Sometimes all you need is an all-boys or all-girls night with popcorn and cosy blankets to watch movies at home. Here are a couple of inspos you could take to bedazzle and upgrade your own home cinema station! Prepare to take some notes!

Night Lights/ Fairy Lights

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Image Credits: pineapplesupplyco | Pixabay

The purpose of owning some fairy lights/ night lights in your home cinema is to guide you through the room, so you don’t trip over something or tip over something fragile. It also helps to set the mood, whether its coloured lights or just plain led white lights. Some of these don’t require plug points as they are either USB or battery dependent so don’t worry about making sure there are plugs at every corner of the room!

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Image Credits: Home Theater Bean Bags | kimslittledayspa.co

Beanbags are essential to a home cinema! You would see Pinterest boards filled with home cinema decorations with beanbags, and even outdoor cinemas have them on picnic blankets! It’s comfortable, shareable, saves space, and also brings a chill kind of vibe to the room. Who doesn’t love beanbags? You could lay in them the whole day or even fall asleep sitting there!

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Blackout Curtains

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Image Credits: Home Theater Drapes | ihomeinc.co

What’s watching a movie if the room isn’t completely dark inside? Get blackout curtains to make sure your home cinema is entirely covered and not a single crack of light is coming in to ruin your movie mood. They aren’t necessarily black in colour, just thick in material and comes in different lengths depending on how big your room is. Some curtains even have glow in the dark details engraved on them!

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Image Credits: Vankyo Portable Home Projector | Amazon

Having a good quality projector is the most important element in having a home cinema, graphics are essential to indulge in a movie! Some of these projectors are super portable and lightweight, able to be connected to any devices so that you could pick any movie from Netflix to HBO online! Some speakers could even get you connected through Bluetooth so you don’t need to worry about losing your wires or even plugging your phone to the projector. You could even get 3D glasses with some of these purchases instead of going to a cinema and get 3D movie tickets which would cost you so much more in the long run.

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Image Credits: Wireless Home Theater System | Alibaba

A way to create better surround sound and ambience is to get good speakers for your home theatre. Get yourself one that could be mounted on the walls or even be detached to be placed around the room. Lazada offers good deals for speakers, and we’re not talking about those mini Bluetooth speakers that you place in your bedroom. You’ll need a much bigger set of speakers that may cost a little higher than the rest of the items you need for your home cinema, but it will be worth it in the long run!

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Blankets & Pillows

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Image Credits: Architecture & Design | Pinterest

Most cinemas are freezing, and maybe that’s a good thing because you go through a whole journey while watching a movie. In some cases, people enjoy cuddling up in a big woolly blanket! There are those cinema goers that aren’t allowed to bring along their own blankets and pillows into the theatre especially cause it might take up a lot of space and disturb someone else. Grab yourself a couple of pillows in your very own cinema, lay back and enjoy the movie!

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Snack/ Drink Trays

Image Credits: C.K.Ng | Pinterest

One of the best parts of having a home cinema is to have an unlimited supply of whatever snacks and drinks you like! However, the risk of spilling things over and staining your couch or floor is high. Get yourself a drink and snack tray to fill them up with goodies to munch while watching your favourite movie!

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