If you’re anything like me, you really want nice curls. My hair is messy and hard to tame, and each time I try to curl them, they just fall flat in two hours. My curls rarely last an entire day. Sometimes, I end up burning my hands while working with curling tongs. It’s an absolute nightmare.

But the new Dyson Airwrap seems to have changed the hairstyling game forever. It promises no extreme heat over 150°C, different attachments for drying and styling your hair so you don’t have to buy anything else, and it can dry your wet hair while you style it.

dyson airwrap attachments
Image Credit: Dyson

The way the Dyson Airwrap does it is by curling your hair around the tube and using actual air to set the curl. This is how Celebrity Stylist Jen Atkin does it:

Of course, any Dyson product comes at a steep price. At RM2,199 for the complete set, and RM 1,999 for either the one that does Volume + Shape for limp hair or Smooth + Control for frizzy hair, we can’t help but wonder if we can really “save money” in the long run by getting the Airwrap Styler.

I can’t say anything about how long lasting the curls and styling would be, but I have been obsessively watching the styling videos that are on Dyson’s YouTube channel. And they are mesmerising. Just watch one yourself:

These videos give off such ASMR vibes. There’s almost no sound in them. All you hear is the sound of the digital V9 motor — the some one used in the Dyson hair dryers — using its “Coanda effect” to style the model’s hair.

It all sounds well and good — who doesn’t want to cut the time they spend in the morning styling their just-got-out-the-shower damp hair?

Because the Airwrap can basically cost us an entire month’s salary, we’re going to be looking at if it’s worth the money.

1. An Average Hair Curler Can Cost Anywhere from RM99 to RM400

hair curler
Image Credit: Shari Sirotnak | Unsplash

With the different costs, comes different types of hair curlers. Do you want ones made of metal or ceramic?

2. An Average Hair Dryer Can Cost Anywhere from RM39 to RM1,000?

hair dryer
Image Credit: element5 | Unsplash

The Dyson Supersonic Hairdryer costs RM1800. And there were more expensive ones for professional use that could go up to RM5,000. Yes, you read that right.

3. An Average Electronic Hair Brush / Straightener Can Cost Anywhere From RM30 to RM644

hair brush
Image: Shari Sirotnak | Unsplash

These electronic hair brushes are most often used to tame frizziness in your hair.

Should You Get The Dyson Airwrap To Style Your Hair?

Personally, I’ve never bought any hair styler at this price (I just can’t bear to part with the money), but I might cave in with the Dyson Airwrap. If it was just a super cool curler that lets your hair curl around the attachment on its own, I might not consider it at all, but because it is such a versatile hair styling product, it makes the Airwrap look like such a steal.

Of course, it’s still really expensive, so it might not be for everyone. Sometimes a RM30 hair dryer does the trick and that’s all you really need.

But if you buy the most expensive hair styling products, you might as well get the Dyson since it comes with everything on that you ever need to style your hair, and it comes with a 2-5 years guarantee so if anything goes wrong in that period of time, there’s still a way to get it fixed. The Dyson engineers spent 6 years researching for this product to go out into the market so anyone can have salon-ready hair.

Receive a complimentary RM250 voucher for next purchase of any Dyson machine (excluding Promo items, bundles, parts and Dyson accessories) with every purchase of a Dyson Airwrap™ styler complete (Red/Nickel, Black/Purple or Fuchsia/Iron)  from Dyson Malaysia’s official site.

Enjoy free delivery, 2-year warranty, and interest-free instalment plan options.

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*Featured Image Credit: Dyson | Edited: Georgia Ho