Dyson is always working to reshape the future for the better. With the release of the Dyson Lightcycle task lamp last year, which also comes in a floor lamp version, the future of Lighting was redefined. With light quality that lasts up to 60 years, is the Dyson Lightcycle worth investing in, and will I actually work better around it?

Comprising just three components, a circular base; stand; and lighting arm, the Dyson Lightcycle will look impeccable on your study desk in the corner of your room, or even on a bedside table for late-night reading. Just like every other piece of Dyson tech, it will improve your quality of living.

How does the light quality last up to 60 years?

Many desk lamps now boast LED bulbs for their energy saving properties, but without a proper cooling system, these light bulbs are subjected to discoloration and fading within a matter of years.

The Dyson Lightcycle overcomes this and ensures LEDs last longer by keeping them at optimum temperature. Using a vacuum-sealed copper tube that continuously draws heat away, the six LEDs within the lamp are constantly cooled – this is what allows the light quality to last up to 60 years.

How it actually works can be rocket science to some of us. But essentially, the 3 warm and 3 cool LEDs work concurrently to simulate daylight colour temperatures ranging from a warm yellow 2,700 Kelvin to a cool white 6,500 Kelvin, and brightness levels between 100 to 1000 lux.

Furthermore, the Lightcycle automatically simulates properties of natural daylight (more about this later) and intelligently adjusts the light color temperature and brightness according to the natural light in your environment, the time of day and even your age.

How is the built quality?


The arm and stand are extremely well balanced with a pivot and allows you to adjust it at will. Coupled with the touch-capacitive sliders that lets you control the brightness and lighting temperature to preference which is amazing for a desk lamp.

Will it boost my productivity?

This is where reality sets in.

Working from home for the past few months has seriously blurred the lines between work and rest. Especially if I’m working into the night. With a warmer light temperature, it is more conducive to work. Not only that, the Lightcycle is engineered to be kinder to eyes with glare protection and low optical flicker – essential for reducing eye strain when we spend so much of our time in front of screens nowadays.

Image credit: Dyson Malaysia

For that to happen, you will need to pair the Lightcycle with the Dyson Link App via Bluetooth. Set it to the Synchronise mode and watch the Lightcycle do its magic! Plus, you can also adjust the color temperature and brightness level via the Dyson Link App.

To further conserve energy, the Dyson Lightcycle has an inbuilt infrared movement sensor that automatically dims and switches off when there is no movement (i.e. procrastination at its best), and switches on when I’ve got my writing mojo back.

I found the Sleep mode to be more handy in the standing lamp instead of the desk lamp, since you’ll be able to switch it off from a distance when you are sloth-ing it out in bed. But what sets the Lightcycle apart is its ability to serve as a sunrise alarm clock which makes waking up in the morning so much easier!

If you have kids studying for their exams, or really, just to work in a better environment, the Study mode with white light provides a great ambience for concentration. Then, you can wind down with the warmer light via the Relax mode.

The Dyson Lightcycle is a hefty investment that will make you think twice before making the purchase. But if you are willing to shell out the money, you’ll have a trusty multi-functional task light that will be with you for a long time to come.