It is undeniable that Dyson vacuum cleaners are the most popular cordless vacuums in the market. Mention “Dyson” and everyone will think of their cord-free vacuum cleaners, their phenomenal Supersonic hair dryer, or their air purifiers.

woman using dyson vacuum cleaner

While all Dyson cord-free vacuums are amazing to use, the Dyson V11 just has that edge over its predecessors. Vacuuming the house with a corded vacuum is quite a thing of the past, and with a cord-free vacuum, things are just much easier. The additional accessories are useful – easily attaching to the main motor housing for handheld versatility, or to the lightweight and durable ceramic impeller shaft for a longer reach. Now, 6 different attachments seem like a whole lot to have for a vacuum, but each of them serves its own purpose and I promise there will be a use for all of them.

Why is a Dyson vacuum more expensive than others, and is it worth the price?

I faced the same dilemma as many of you do. It took days of deliberation and evaluation before I decided, “Ok, I’ll spend my money once, and for good.”

New additions to the Dyson V11 cord-free vacuum

The thing about a Dyson vacuum is its pure intelligence and convenience. The Dynamic Load Sensor (DLS) embedded in the High Torque Cleaner Head (only in V11 Absolute) automatically detects the type of surface that you are cleaning by sensing any changes in resistance 360 times a second, and automatically changes the suction power between carpets and hard floors. This prolongs the battery life by making sure that just the right amount of suction power is used.

The High Torque cleaner head, armed with stiff nylon bristles, \captures dirt and fine dust that might be embedded in carpets. This intelligent head also has soft anti-static carbon fiber filaments to capture any dust hiding in small crevices on hard floors –  ensuring a proper deep clean.

dyson vacuum cleaner cleaning the dusk at home

The LCD screen (new addition to the V11 model!) features intelligent real-time reports – and you can even select your preferred language! I especially liked knowing exactly how much battery time I had left in different power modes, as this helped me plan my cleaning more effectively.

From the power mode, to remaining run time, to filter cleaning reminders  and even informing you of any blockages in the machine, the Dyson V11 is a truly smart household appliance to have in 2020.

dyson V11 LCD screen modes

Besides, the newest model also has 20% more suction power than the V10. The improved S-shaped impeller blades in the motor also increase the efficiency of air movement and reduce the air leakage, whilst maintaining the easy-to-handle lightweight nature of the machine.

The importance of having a good vacuum cleaner

woman using dyson vacuum

Cord-free vacuums are commonplace now as it is more convenient to vacuum various surfaces without any cords holding you back. It allows you to clean hard-to-reach areas around furniture or up high (has anyone experienced the hilarious 2-person acrobatic balancing act needed when trying to vacuum ceiling corners with a typical corded vacuum?!). 

The ability to convert the V11 into a handheld vacuum also gives you portability for versatile cleaning anywhere – yay for condo dwellers, you can now vacuum your cars without needing a power socket! 

For those of you who need super-powered cleaning, run the Dyson V11 on Boost mode. It is extremely efficient and effective in deep cleaning areas like your mattress and fuzzy carpets to keep your home spick and span This is especially beneficial for those with allergies, as the V11 is perfect for sucking up dust mites and their droppings from deep within mattresses and sofas. 

Alternatively, you can use the Auto mode for optimum balance between power and runtime, or Eco mode for up to 60 minutes run time. However, a downside to added juice is the additional hour it takes to charge as compared to the previous model, the Dyson V10. 

There are many reasons why you need a good vacuum cleaner. Dust, bacteria, and allergens are present in our home and living space, and it’s especially important to make sure that once you have vacuumed them up, they stay trapped and out of your home for good. The advanced six-stage filtration system of the Dyson V11 captures and traps fine dust, while the high-integrity seals prevent these microns from leaking back into the air. Hence, you can have peace of mind knowing that your home will be cleaner and healthier for the whole family.

woman using dyson vacuum cleaner around the house

The point-and-shoot system also makes emptying the bin a quick and clean process. And I personally favour the bin over single-use vacuum bags simply because it is more environmentally friendly.

Second thoughts?

While I love the V11 Absolute for its futuristic features and practical capabilities, I did find just one unexpected drawback while using the vacuum. 

The trigger switch, coupled with the 3kg weight of the motor make it a little tiring to carry around. While not a big issue, I would have preferred for the trigger switch to be a one click mechanism which will allow me to simply hold onto the motor’s handle for operation. However, this usage feature is something that I will likely get used to as time goes on. It does also mean that I can save as much battery life as possible by only pressing the trigger for power when it is needed.

Ultimately, the Dyson V11 is an amazing and intelligent vacuum cleaner that will improve your quality of living. If you’re looking to get your hands on one, shop via ShopBack to earn Cashback for your purchase.

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