We’re all keeping our fingers crossed that the Lunar New Year will be opening new doors for us. While all the grovelling, begging, and praying work, we need to stretch a bit and make our own efforts, like getting a new haircut, changing hair colour, using some mousse, or putting on a new hair accessory. They say that changing one’s hairstyle is the start of a changed life. Believe when we say, we couldn’t agree more.

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And so, here are the best hairstyles to sport this Chinese New Year. These hairstyles are sure to propel you to a better perspective in life and make your new year a little more prosperous. Why do we think so? Because low maintenance hair-dos brings down your stress levels before the festivities, and your relatives will be wondering why you’re practically glowing.

hair flip
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  1. The Return of Scrunchies

Though it seems they never left, scrunchies are making a “come back” from the 80’s. Only this time, some are calling them hair clouds. Interesting…

Image Credit: forever21.com on Pinterest

Wearing them loose and low is the latest updo. Velvet scrunchies are still present to bring a sense of nostalgia to everyone who’s loved them before but designs with embellishments or in silk fabric are also out in the market.

  1. Deep Side Parting

Side parting in natural hair textures and many lengths made multiple appearances on runways for 2018. Each look oozed with an Old Hollywood vibe.

deep side parting
Image Credit: Latest Hairstyles on Pinterest

Volumizing and keeping hair in place for a better effect can be done using hair mousse or cream. And since hair accessories are the biggest trend this year, an oversized barrette will dress up any outfit.

  1. All Sorts of Bangs

Baby bangs, curtain bangs, layered bangs, fringes — they’re all making statements this year. Those who want their face shapes emphasized with extra class on the side are sporting layered bangs.

layered bangs
Image Credit: Hairstyles Lodge

Some prefer a refreshing look by creating the illusion of volume through curtain bangs.

curtain bangs
Image Credit: Bangs Hairstyles on Pinterest

Fringes are still in but celebrities have taken them a little further from the norm for an edgier look. They’re sporting them with super blunt bobs and in baby size — an inch or two above the eyebrows!

baby bangs
Image Credit: immortalface.tumblr.com on Pinterest
  1. Tie a Ribbon

Hairstyle trendsetters have decided to extend the festive feel beyond December. They’ve turned attention to gift wrapping ribbons! We’re partly kidding and partly not. Silk and velvet lace-ups are wrapping around ponytails and braids this year.

Image Credit: Samantha Hammock on Pinterest
  1. Shaggy Shags

Purposely cut short shags and grown out shags are continuing their presence from 2017. The difference this year is their teaming up with thick, full, and center-parted bangs.

Image Credit: AILU on Pinterest
  1. Hair bands or headbands

A lot of trends from the past are making a blast to 2018. Girly girl hair bands are in season once again. Choose from garterized, embellished, and velvet-made designs.

Image Credit: Pics Bucket on Pinterest

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  1. “I don’t really care” Ponytails

You might want to try hairstyles that appear to have been through workout or sports.

high ponytail
Image Credit: Hollee Wood on Pinterest

High and tight ponytails with loose bangs or strands hanging around the face are a thing. So are low and relaxed ponytails on seemingly air dried hair.

low ponytail
Image Credit: Mark Tamayo on Pinterest
  1. “This is my natural hair” Hairstyle

The social media popular tag may have caught up with the trends. “#iwokeuplikethis hairdos are in the form of effortless waves, fussy and unkempt strands, and “natural” textures and curls aided by hair mousse are expected to be everywhere this year.

Image Credit: SLUFOOT on Pinterest
  1. Big Top Knots

Cotton candy buns are adding a playful twist to daily get-ups. They are sure headturners due to their slightly enormous size and top and center placement.

cotton candy
Image Credit: hips.heartsapp.com on Pinterest
  1. The Simple Half Bun

Women’s hairstyles of 2018 are also adopting from men’s hairstyles from the past years. The man bun has been cut in half and is being worn by women this year.

half bun
Image Credit: 40.media.tumblr.com on Pinterest

Ladies are going to love it as it transform every look to androgynous or glamorous, depending on accessories used and textures it is paired with.

half bun
Image Credit: beauty-matome.net on Pinterest
  1. Midi Cuts

The medium hair length is on hairstyle we will all be seeing throughout 2018. They will come in with waves, with curls, with braids, with bangs, and with all the up-to-date hair accessories.

Image Credit: Isabelle A. on Pinterest
  1. The 2-toned Blonde

Blondes this year will have that cream soda shade, as if there are 2 layers. Those looking to add volume to their hair can try two-tones of blonde for a completely fresh new year aura.

Image Credit: Love Hairstyles on Pinterest
  1. Classic Long and Sleek

The classic long hair is sticking around this year as well but they will be coming in various ombres, shades, and colors. There will be oranges, pinks, jewel shades, blondes, and ash blends.

Image Credit: Jerzy Gorecki on pixabay.com
  1. Smooth Pixies

Pixie cuts this year are slightly lengthened for more versatile styling. Hair is usually brushed up or to the side. Those wanting to cut down a few years of age can try this dramatic look.

Image Credit: lucky-bella.com on Pinterest

Hairstyles can make or break an outfit, so make sure to style your tresses before heading out for visiting. Use the Fave coupons on ShopBack to get discounts when you make an appointment at the hair salon. 

We hope your new hair brings you all the luck and fortune you deserve this year.

*Featured Image Credit: Nik MacMillan | Unsplash