Working out doesn’t require you to spend a lot of money on equipment or even gym access, sometimes all you need is just your body weight and plenty of motivation. Here are a couple of easy workout routines you could do in the comfort of your home to keep fit and healthy!


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This is one of the most widely used workout in many people’s workout regiment. It allows you to have a total body exercise, by doing planking you’ll be able to workout your inner core muscles and strengthen your upper back muscles which reduces constant back ache.

To plank, there are a couple of ways that could improve your form and also help you work all the right areas if you do it right. Firstly do a push up pose while you pull in your belly button, try not to arch your back and just straighten it. You can either do this with your elbows on the ground or with your arms straighten out like a push up. Other variations would be the side plank, which helps workout your side handles, also known as your obliques.

Wall Sit

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Wall sits are very popular in basic workouts, even Pilates classes would use them for core strengthening and thigh/butt firming. All you have to do is find an empty wall that you can slowly slide down to a sitting pose until your thighs are 90 Degrees parallel to the ground. Do make sure your knees are also parallel to your ankles while keeping your back straight to avoid knee injuries. Try to hold this pose for 60 minutes for a more thorough burn with just body weight!


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Squats are getting viral among younger people nowadays, building up stronger thighs and also giving that booty a firmer frame. It’s not complicated to do one, all you have to keep in mind is when you squat do not have your knees bent past your toes as you may get knee injuries in the future.

Another thing to keep in mind is your back, you’ll have to make sure it is straight and not arched in any way to reduce back aches and future injuries. There are a couple of different squats that you can go for to work on different parts of the body like Sumo Squats, Pulse Squats and Single Leg Squats. Opt to try some of them out if you’d like more of a challenge!


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Lunges can be done anywhere in the comfort of your home, or even outdoors. You’ll be able to shape your lower body, increase your muscle tissue and develop core strength all at once! Some reminders while doing lunges are to keep your upper body straight with your chin up, remember to always engage your core.

When you step forward with one leg, lower your hips until both knees are 90-degree angle bent. Always make sure your front knee is above your ankle and your other knee shouldn’t touch the floor. To add even more burn and challenge to this workout try pulsing on both sides of your legs and feel the burn on your thighs!


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Crunches help strengthen your abs and also help you improve on your core strength. It’s a vigorous exercise that doesn’t require you to even stand up and just by lying down you’ll be able to burn tons of weight! You will start by lying on your back on a mat and then tightening up your abs.

Next, you will lift your head and shoulders upwards but you do not come all the way up off the floor. Put your hands behind your head then peel your head and shoulders off the mat while engaging your core muscles. Try doing reps of 10 in 3 sets for beginners and add more reps and sets after you get used to it.

Triceps Dip

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For this workout you’ll be using a bench or just any chair would do, with knees slightly bent,  grab the edge of the elevated surface and straighten the arms. You’ll need to bend them to a 90-degree angle, and straighten again while the weight of heels pushed toward the floor. This exercise will help you tone out your triceps and also strengthen your arms. Dips exercises are intense and effective isolation workout that help develop powerful and more defined triceps.

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