With Agoda, Travel Booking takes less time than you would take watching a YouTube video


Agoda has always been one of the best travel booking sites in Malaysia, and they have a luxurious history of providing convenient and cheap deals for avid travellers. With over 1,300 travel professionals, spread out over 20 countries, together with thousands of hotel partners, Agoda always has offered the widest set of  hotel options, and the most competitive prices. What’s even greater would be the always-available Agoda deals and coupons to drive down prices further.

Agoda’s lowest price guarantee

49709342The Rimba Jimbaran Bali / Agoda.com

Planning to head down to Jimbaran, the little fishing village in Bali? You’ve found on Agoda a resort over there, complete with trees and lawn grass that looks extremely beautiful in the backdrop of clear-blue pools.

It is in that one fateful moment that you discover what is actually The Rimba Jimbaran Bali Resort on the website. You check out the price, not only on Agoda but on the other travel websites as well. A few minutes later, you discover that Agoda has one of the most consistently lowest rates for every hotel and resort they have on tap.

Agoda’s Price Guarantee ensures this by always matching the lowest prices in the industry, even if Agoda’s may not be the lowest at first.

Truth: Agoda never overcharges but, in fact, gives you the lowest prices.

Agoda’s super-easy graphical interface


Now if Agoda’s price guarantee doesn’t immediately get you to take notice, maybe the ultra-easy way booking process. The “Book Now!” button ensures you will always be on the fast track to getting your reservations completed. Simply choose your country, currency and then sign in; that’s all you need to do before booking. The ultra-convenient search section allows you fast finding of prominent hotels and resorts, so you never have to linger a second longer.

Why worry about long searching times when all you want to go is to Rio de Janeiro to behold the statue of Christ the Redeemer?


Truth: Bookings are easier with Agoda you get the job done in just a matter of a few clicks.

Agoda’s “Book Now Pay Later” feature and online payments

credit card payment for online shopping

More hurried and busy than you thought that you would be? Simply do an Agoda booking first and then pay later. The booking is instantly confirmed but the actual charge date will only be about 2 to 3 days prior to the hotel booking conditions turning active, the exact time when you are already in your hotel and enjoying the accommodations. Major credit cards such as, Visa, MasterCard, Amex and JCB, are the only requirements for this feature, which means you never have to fumble with cash ever again when checking into your chosen hotel suite. Just input your Credit Card information and you are done.

Truth: Never fumble with your lodging payments again with Agoda


Once, you thought online hotel accommodation bookings were a hassle, and you were right. Online bookings never truly became polished until companies like Agoda became mainstream a decade ago. Now, you could be enjoying some of the cheapest hotel bookings that takes only a few minutes to do. If that makes your inner-travel-enthusiast very excited, then check out the best accommodations in your dream city with Agoda now. There are also many Agoda promo codes up for grabs on ShopBack!

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