The best way to relax after a long and exhausting day is having a warm bath at home, preferably with your favourite rubber ducky. A good water heater at home will do just the trick. However, an energy efficient one will do even better as it reduces energy and water consumption. And ultimately, it substantially reduces your energy and water bills too.

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How To Look For Energy Efficient Water Heaters

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Water heaters take up to 20% of your energy bills monthly, and ranks right next to air-conditioner use. So, it pays to know how to select an energy efficient water heater. Here are several tips to identify which ones work best for your home.

Tip 1: Choose Tankless Over Tank Water Heater

What’s the difference? A tank water heater comes equipped with an insulator that keeps water warm inside the tank. Normally, powered by gas or electric, it also has a thermostat to control water temperature. The disadvantage is that energy is constantly supplied to keep the water at a constant warm temperature.

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Alternatively, a tankless heater provides hot water on demand, without storing water in a tank. Hence, no energy is wasted on heating water that is not going to be used. Better yet, tankless ones are convenient, energy efficient and better value for money. So, you can spend more time relaxing in your bubble bath without any worry about costs.

Most tankless heaters are available in different sizes measured by gallons per minute. The bigger the size, the higher amount of hot water is provided per minute and therefore, more energy needed. So, it’s smart to select the right-sized water heater for your family’s use at home.

Tip 2: Read The Energy Rating Label

All electrical appliances in Malaysia are given a 1 to 5-star rating for energy efficiency. 5-star is the most energy efficient whilst 1-star is the least. So, it’s wise to check out the stars when making your purchase.

Tip 3: Consider Solar Power

What’s the best thing about solar powered water heaters? It is 100% powered by the sun and 0% reliant on electricity. These heaters are highly efficient and produce hot water on demand even if the sun is not out. Most of them have heat preservation of up to 60 – 70 hours despite continuous gloomy weather. And you can bring ‘Rover’ for a bath anytime without being concerned of rising energy bills.

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However, the solar power ones do cost a premium. Thinks about the savings they bring on your energy bill in the long run.

Types of Energy Efficient Water Heaters

Here’s a handy guide to the popular heaters in Malaysia from solar powered to electrical ones.

1. Hydroone Solar Wave Solar Water Heater 60G

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Designed with breakthrough mechanism for better heat preservation and solar absorption, this heater is an energy saver. What’s unique about it? The tubular design solar collector provides a wider surface for solar energy absorption. Then, cold water is passed through the inner coil which passes through the hot water tank and is heated instantly. The heat transfer mechanism ensures a continuous hot water supply.

Price: RM3,288.00 on Lazada

2. Pecol Solar Water Heater System

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This system provides 100% savings on water bills and enhanced energy retention to keep water warm throughout the day. Plus, it’s also pollution free. What makes this system shine out is its thick gauge stainless steel that withstands rust. It has undergone stringent testing to ensure no water leakage and offers up to 5 years leak proof warranty. Malaysian made, eco-friendly and SIRIM certified, quality is assured.

Price: RM5,377.00 on Lazada

3. Midea MWH-38P3-RS Water Heater

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Definitely more affordable for the cost-conscious family, this energy efficient system has a low noise DC pump that offers 55% more energy savings than AC pump motors. In addition, it has a dual heating element and whirl flow technology which ensures constant hot water supply. Plus, it features 2 knobs for easy pump control and temperature control.

Price: RM399.00 on Lazada

4. Rubine Rain Shower Water Heater

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Know what’s better than a normal shower? A rain shower. The Rubine system comes with a DC inverter silent booster pump for stronger water pressure and noise-less rain shower. Better yet, the 60% energy saving inverter silent pump guarantees reduced energy bills. When quality is a priority, this system offers a 5-year warranty on inverter silent pump and 7-year warranty on heating element.

Price: RM659.00 on Lazada

5. DEKA Pro80 Series with Rain Shower

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Not only energy-efficient, the DEKA Series is available in 5 colours. Besides traditional white, it’s also available in black, pink, silver, grey and green to match your bathroom personality. What saves you money is the built-in energy saving DC inverter silent pump and high efficiency heating element for fast heat-up. The cool shower accessories that include a 5-way shower and rain shower are a plus.

Price: RM579.00 on Lazada

6. Rinnai RE1-A360DP Electric Booster Pump Shower Water Heater

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When you’re staying in a multi-level home, a booster pump water heater is essential to ensure a strong shower with sufficient water pressure. Hence, the Rinnai system has a built-in pump and booster pump to do the job. On top of that, this system has a quarter turn ceramic SF valve with built-in filter, water-saving volume control and stop valve.

Price: RM525.00 on Lazada

7. Panasonic R Series DH-3RL Water Heater

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Top pick for instant heaters, the Panasonic R Series offers a range of standard home showers that are hassle-free and convenient to use. Best of all, this series has an auto-thermal cut-off that cuts off power immediately when water temperature exceeds a control limit and prevents overheating. In addition, it is SIRIM certified and topped with onsite warranty by Panasonic Malaysia.

Price: RM208.90 on Lazada

8. Joven Rainshower Instant Water Heater SA15m

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Affordable and easy to use, the Joven Rainshower system is available in silver or white casing. The built-in ELCB system and stepless electronic power control ensures safety during showers. Moreover, the Joven system has a quarter turn ceramic SF valve with built-in filter, water-saving volume control and stop valve. Spend less on a heater and save on water bills in the long term too.

Price: RM230.00 on Lazada

How To Save On Water Bills With Good Water Heater

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Most good water heaters should have these water-saving features. Tankless heaters only heats water when you need it so there’s no water wastage. It should have a thermostat to control temperatures. Consider lowering the temperatures during showers to ensure savings on energy and water bills. Finally, ensure your water heater has high stars energy rating. That means it’s more energy and water efficient.

If your water heater is more than 10 years old, and you’ve noticed your energy and water bills slowly rising, then it’s time to replace it. Old appliances tend to have leaks and burst pipes leading to water and energy wastage.

Where To Buy Water Heaters And Save

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When it’s time to upgrade or replace your water heater, find a good selection of them at Senheng Malaysia. The leading consumer electronics chain with over 100 stores nationwide is also the largest online electrical appliances store. Take advantage of  Senheng promotion and score super savings on your online buys. Remember to go through ShopBack and take home upsized cashback of up to 5%.

Another great place to explore and compare the range of water heaters plus their prices is on Lazada. Keep your eyes peeled for Lazada vouchers for better discounts. Plus up to 10% cashback via ShopBack.

Planning to get a new water heater? Tell us about your choice, whether it’s energy efficient and saves water.

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