As women, we probably own several dresses for special events like company dinners, weddings, luncheons and more. However, as they say, a woman can’t have too many pretty dresses. From that sleek ‘little black dress’ to full-bodied gowns, here are some places where you can find the perfect dress for every occasion.

1.Daytime Corporate Cocktail Party

Working women often have to attend corporate functions that happen during the daytime and the dress code sometimes says ‘semi-formal’ or  ‘cocktail outfits’

Before you panic and start Googling for ideas, just keep a few tips in mind.

  • Keep the cut loose and comfortable.
  • Lighter colors work best during the daytime.
  • If it’s a business setting, keep the colors muted, such as whites, peach pink, beige and olive green. You can choose to wear prints, but keep them to a minimal. In these settings, a bright yellow sundress with large floral prints will probably not be the best choice.
  • Don’t be afraid to wear trousers as part of your outfit as they work well in corporate settings too.
  • If possible, avoid reflective fabrics like silk, satin, and taffeta. Go for soft and cooling fabrics like chiffon and cotton.
  • The design should also be a little more conservative if you’re in a business setting, so avoid plunging necklines and backless dresses.

Here are some examples of daytime dresses to consider:

Halston Dress from LaRossa (RM66)

white black dress
Image credit: LaRossa

Pomelo Rutched Dress from Zalora (RM 131.25)

assymetrical rutched dress
Image credit: Zalora

2. Semi-formal evening dinners

Annual company dinners are pretty common. Many companies set a theme for their employees, and some even have costumed parties. However, under normal circumstances, you can consider these tips if you’re dressing for a semi-formal dinner:

  • Try your best to wear heels. They don’t have to be sky high but they do lend an air of sophistication to your outfit.
  • Feel free to wear darker colors. However, under circumstances like these, any color would work fine.
  • Since this isn’t a highly formal event, feel free to wear short skirts.
  • Keep the ‘bling’ to a minimum as that will be reserved for more formal events. This means that your dress doesn’t need to have lots of beadwork or crystals.

These are some great examples of what you can wear to a company dinner:

Chester Dress from LuxMerrier (RM 129)

blue off shoulder dress
Image credit: LuxMerrier

Organza High Low Dress from YoBeBee (RM 89)

organza dress white
Image credit: YoBeBee

Agatha Dress from LaRossa ( RM 175)

evening dress silver
Image credit: La Rossa

3. Wedding dinners and highly formal events

Formal dinners require you to dress more elegantly and with more class. In situations like these, you can:

  • Choose a full-length maxi dress.
  • A dress that wraps your figure will be perfect for those who are curvier. However, anyone can choose to wear it.
  • Heavily embroidered or beaded dresses will definitely look good in this setting.
  • If you choose a full or wide pouffy skirt, make sure it’s only moderately so as you don’t want to out-dress the bride.
  • Off-shoulder dresses that are long and flowing work well too.
  • Classy and elegant colors like maroon, navy blue, silver, and black are the norm, but you can be a bit daring and dress in brighter colors too.

Here are some examples of highly formal evening dresses:

Long Dress with Lace Top from YoBeBee (RM 92)

black dress lace top
Image credit: yoBeBee

Celine Applique Gown from LuxMerrier ( RM 309)

ivory purple applique gown
Image credit: LuxMerrier

Goddiva Criss Cross Back Sequin Maxi Dress from Zalora ( RM190.90)

sequined evening dress
Image credit: Zalora

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Although these tips are meant to help you choose a dress, please don’t feel confined by them. Be free to break rules and experiment. After all, your style is your own unique expression of your personality.