Facebook. Despite being rocked by two data privacy scandals and facing a #deletefacebook movement, Facebook was and still is one of the biggest social media platforms in the world.

When it was founded in 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg, he intended for it to be exactly that, a book of faces. But with the sheer amount of people who created profiles on the platform over the past decade or so, there had to be some awful profile pictures.

Really awful pictures.

And, it goes without saying, we may or may not be guilty of some of these.

The Blatantly Photoshopped Picture


Image Credit: Failblog.com

We’ve all seen and facepalmed at the lists of terrible photoshopped pictures. Whether it is a distorted picture of a person trying to “bulk” up his body with fake muscles and ends up looking like a mutant, a cut and copy of a woman next to a man to show off his new “girlfriend”, or you posing at the base of the “Eiffel” tower, please never, ever try this. You will get brutally called out for it and your denials will only make it worse.

I Change My Profile Picture Every Day

A new day, a new profile picture. Yeah, it’s great that you are enthusiastic and you want to share everything that happens in your life. You had a great sandwich! You found some change on the ground! We literally can’t keep up with you, so take a breath and consider what you post on social media a little more carefully. We do care and we are keen if you do something awesome, but the mundane makes for more of an annoyance and if you post enough, people might treat you like background noise and filter your posts out.

My Life For Aiur

All of us believe in a cause. That’s fantastic and it is great whenever I see a friend join a good cause to help humanity. But, whenever I see a post on Facebook trying to guilt, shock or scare people into joining, donating or supporting their cause, it actually incites people to do the exact opposite.

Yes, your cause may be a great one and your new organization or beliefs might be what we all need. But if you are obnoxious, preachy or self-righteous about it, you are simply herding all your friends straight to the “unfriend” highway. The way PETA advertises and conducts their campaigns is a great example of how to turn people away.

Hulk Hogan’s Long Lost Cousin

There’s always that person who seems to live in the gym. Posting workout pictures, videos and motivational pictures to make the rest of us feel guilty. Then, there’s that person who takes every opportunity they can to show off how fit they are or how great they look. Don’t get me wrong, there is absolutely nothing wrong with showing off your progress or transformation with your friends so we can all root for you. But, if all you seek is to bask in the attention of strangers, not so great.

Your Child Is Your Profile Picture

Image Credit: Chiến Phạm on Unsplash

This may be an unpopular opinion but it has to be said. When your child is born, it is undoubtedly the proudest and happiest moment of your life. We can all understand it for sure. Your brand new tiny human is your life and everything you do is defined by your child. All parents do this and it’s heartwarming to see baby pictures on our social media feed especially when important milestones are shared with us. But, at some point, you need to go back to being you. Yes, of course, we are all interested in your baby but don’t forget that you are our friend as well and we are also interested in your life and what you are up to. Please don’t wait till your baby is a teenager before you revert your picture to yourself, we won’t complain, we won’t judge, we will just be waiting.

The Mirror Selfie

Image Credit: Christina Boemio on Unsplash

Mirror selfies are….. usually tacky, have poor lighting and for some reason, are usually taken in the bathroom. Why? I mean do you enjoy being visually associated with your toilet? do you like having shower curtains, toiletries and bathroom cleaning products share screen space with you? Avoid these all together as sometimes, you may be betrayed by your mirror if you are trying to frame the picture in a specific way. The caveat is obviously if you are talented at photography and are able to take beautiful mirror shots that we can all appreciate such as the one above. Awful pictures of yourself doing battle for screen space with your deoderant? nope.

No Pictures Of Yourself

Do you have a friend on Facebook who doesn’t post any pictures of themselves ever? Instead of pictures of them travelling, eating somewhere nice, hanging out with their friends or showing off something they excel at, they post an endless stream of memes, screenshots and shares of posts from pages like 9GAG. Bonus if their profile picture is a quote or an animal.

If this is a person whom you no longer have any physical contact with, you may wonder if they are still alive, if they are even real or, perhaps it’s a sentient Tumblr account that has assumed the identity of your long lost acquaintance.

Animal Filters

This infestation of human-animal hybrids has to stop. This may be a personal pet peeve but when I see a post from my friends, I actually want to see my friends. The technology behind these filters and how they can track your face is creepy/amazing. But, as a species, we have gone from putting a man on the moon to pasting dog ears on ourselves in our videos.

(Editor’s Note: But we’ve got to admit. These filters are cute.)

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What kind of photos have you made into your Facebook profile pic over the years? Have you ever regretted any of them?


*Featured Image Credit: Rodion Kutsaev | Facebook

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