It’s that time of the year where reflective contemplation is a tad more desirable. After all, you’ve survived 2017 with a new set of bruises, scars, even, and naturally want to take a closer look at the person you’ve become.

Whether you’re zooming out into the distant future, or looking close at the finer details, here’s some tips for keeping those resolutions you would like to make for a greater 2018.

#1 – Slice the pizza

pizza slices
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Have you ever tried eating pizza by putting the whole darn thing in your mouth? If your answer is yes, we feel sorry for you, because we’re pretty sure it hurt like crazy. When it comes to completing goals, especially XXL ones, the best way to succeed is to chunk it up.

Want to get 500 more email addresses on your mailing list by the middle of next year? That means you need 83 addresses a month, which means 20 a week, and just 3 a day. Not so daunting after all, huh?

#2 – Find that gym partner

gym shoes and weights
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Hands up everyone who’s slacked off on that solo gym appointment. That’s right, we’re exactly like that too. When it comes to accomplishing goals, it’s always easier when you have someone holding you accountable, and to spur you on when you need it most.

Regular check-ins also help to ensure you’ll last beyond the January “honeymoon” period. We’re sure you’ll be able to find at least one other alcohol-consuming buddy who, like you, is sick and tired of his beer belly.

#3 – Don’t go for every single thing

crossroads too many directions
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It’s very easy to go cr-razy and make plans for every good thing during this season. We understand- Your cynical soul is suddenly filled afresh with start-of-the-year hope. But think: What’s really important to you? Be realistic, and be very choosy.

Admittedly, “Let there be light” is a power limited to the heavens. Good things take time, and focus- Don’t get pulled in ten different directions at once. We’ve tried it. It gets you nowhere.

#4 – Make it mindless (That’s right, make it a habit)

toothbrush toothpaste
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Let’s say you’re an illustrator who wants to get published work done within the year. To do that, you need to create a body of work, and for that, you’ll need to consistently churn out art (Please see #1). However, though you’re grabbing every chance you get to draw and practice, you have little results to show for the (often haphazard) time spent.

This can be solved by setting aside a regular time each day to practice your art. This way, your what’s important to you will became as much of a habit as brushing your teeth, or eating lunch.

#5 – Deadlines bring your goals to life

deadlines sitting in the middle of time
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Remember the time your lecturer gave you homework that was due whenever you wanted to hand it in? We can’t either. A lack of deadlines leaves room for inertia and procrastination, whilst realistic deadlines help you move efficiently towards your end goal.

#6 – Ac-cen-tu-ate the positive

woman jumping shot
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As you strive towards your goals, you’re bound to fail and lapse back into old habits. After all, you’re only human. When (and not if) that happens, it’s important that you recognise any overwhelming feelings of guilt and disappointment you feel towards yourself, because self doubt and negative thought patterns can be dangerously paralysing.

Stop pressing the replay button on your mistakes, and click forward.  It may not feel like it, but you’ll be on an upward spiral towards a better you.

#7 – Rest up to level up

rest cup of coffee
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We sometimes make a habit of being overly harsh towards ourselves, and mistake overworking for excellence. Let’s look to agriculture for some wisdom- After periods of harvesting, farmers need to deliberately set aside time for their land to rest so as to increase overall crop yield. If the land isn’t treated kindly, the soil becomes depleted, and even pest ridden. We think the rest is pretty self-explanatory.

#8 – Keep a journal of your progress (or lack thereof)

journaling macbook stationery
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No, journals aren’t only for teenage girls. We often quickly forget what is promised or mentioned aurally, and writing helps us remember much better. By regularly noting down your progress and mini successes, you’ll be increasing your mental commitment to achieving your goals. Which brings us to our next point-

#9 – Pivot, for goodness sake, pivot!

point ballet shoes
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Keeping a journal not only reinforces your commitment to your goals- It helps you to reflect, and gain better clarity on what is working great for you, and what isn’t. Setting aside a regular goal check will help you smoothen your path as you go.

#10 – Celebrate your successes

man celebrate confetti
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If your goal is to save more money, we totally understand that you’ll be keeping close track of every ounce of expenditure, and being financially tighter with yourself. However, it’s not good to starve yourself dry. Don’t fall in the trap of letting your lofty goals rob you of present joys in each day.

Whether it’s a little treat or a big “well done!” to yourself, it’s healthy to celebrate your accomplishments and grant yourself a taste of goodness. Trust us, little celebrations are fuel for the long haul.

There you have it! We hope these ten tips help you in your quest to becoming the person you’ve always known you can be. Remember, when you fail, to be kind to yourself. 2018 will thank you for it.

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