Every day as lunch time approaches, we often look at our fellow colleagues and ask “what’s for lunch?” Strolling pass the many food stalls and restaurants does not help us solve out dilemma either. In Malaysia where eateries can be found at every corner, we do not eat to live but live to eat! However, did you know that there are many F&B outlets around that actually originated in Malaysia? I bet you did not, if you are wondering to yourself “which outlets are they talking about?”. Then read on to satisfy your curiosity!

  1. Sushi King

Sushi King logo
Image Credit: Sushi King

Sushi King is a common household name in Malaysia. Most of us may have dined there at least once before. But contrary to what most think, Sushi King did not come from Japan but was actually first established in Malaysia. The first Sushi King outlet was founded in 1995 by Tan Sri Dato Sri’ Fumuhiko Konishi.  Their first outlet in Kuala Lumpur was one of the first conveyor belt sushi restaurants here. Currently, there are over 100 branches all over Malaysia.

  1. Morganfield’s

Image Credit: Morganfield’s

Famed for their delicious sticky ribs, Morganfield’s looks like a restaurant that came straight-out of the mid-west. Decked out in mid-western decor, entering Morganfield’s will teleport you straight to the west. However, Morganfield’s actually originated from Malaysia. Serving up hearty, meaty dishes, Morganfield’s has gained a loyal customer base who all flock to try out their irresistible ribs. Since it’s opening, Morganfield has already expanded past the Malaysian borders and have franchises in Singapore, Philippines and China.

  1. San Francisco Coffee

San Francisco Coffee
Image Credit: San Francisco Coffee Facebook

Looking at its name, you would think that this cafe came from San Francisco. Contrary to its name, San Francisco coffee actually comes from Malaysia. It’s name alludes to its founder who was an American who lived in San Francisco. Understanding the importance of a good cup of coffee, he came to Malaysia in 1997 and set up San Franciso Coffee. Since then, the chain has expanded to 33 outlets within the Klang Valley.

  1. Secret Recipe

Secret Recipe
Image Credit: Secret Recipe

Secret Recipe was first opened in 1997 by Datuk Steven Sim and his nephew. Since then, Secret Recipe has been dishing out delicious, irresistible cakes! Their cheesecake are especially popular and are a popular Birthday cake choice. Since its inception, Secret Recipe has opened all approximately 440 outlets all over Asia!

  1. Papparich

Image Credit: Papparich

Papparich is a household name in Malaysia. Just enter any shopping mall and you are bound to spot one outlet! Papparich has over 125 stores worldwide. And they serve up an extensive menu of authentic Malaysian Cuisine. With over 200 Chinese, Indian and Malay dishes on their menu, you will be spoilt for choice here. If you happen to be overseas in Australia and crave a taste of home, head to your nearest Papparich outlet to satisfy that craving!

  1. Old Town White Coffee

Old Town White Coffee
Image Credit: Old Town White Coffee

With over 231 outlets in Malaysia and Singapore, Old Town White Coffee is another F&B franchise can’t be missed out on. Famed for their very own coffee blend. Many people flock to Old Town White Coffee for a taste of their smooth and rich white coffee. First established in Ipoh, Perak back in 1999, Old Town White Coffee has grown from a simple coffee producer to a huge franchise chain serving up local delights and coffee.

  1. Manhattan Fish Market

Manhattan Fish Market
Image Credit: Manhattan Fish Market Facebook

Here’s another outlet whose name would deceive most into believing that it came from America. This homegrown franchise was first inspired by the 180-year-old Fulton Fish Market located under the iconic Brooklyn bridge. Founded by Malaysians, Dr Jeffery Goh and George Ang, they set up Manhattan Fish market to bring a bit of America to this side of the world. Manhattan Fish Market serves American and Mediterranean-style seafood and is a hit amongst both locals and foreigners. As such, it has expanded past our border and has over 72 franchises in Asia and Middle East countries such as Qatar, United Arab Emirates and Maldives.

How many of these F&B franchises do you recognise? And how many did you know came from Malaysia? So the next time you dine at any of these places listed above, you can impress your date with this fun fact.

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*Featured Image Credit: Artit Wongpradu | Shutterstock