Chokers are all the rage nowadays and the perfect complement to necks of all sizes seems to be a snugly settled choker. Why not start embracing this trend with these Forever 21 chokers that will have you choking up with emotion at how cute they are?

Choker Necklace

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1. Velvet Bow Choker

velvet bow choker

A simple velvet bow to frame your neck. This choker comes in baby pink and black and both designs are dainty enough to accompany most outfits! With ShopBack’s cashback, this choker can be yours for less than MYR 16.

2. Velvet Rhinestone Choker

velvet rhinestone choker

Show your classy side with this velvet rhinestone choker. The simple rhinestone is not too attention grabbing and can go with almost every outfit. With ShopBack’s cashback, this can be yours for less than MYR16 as well.

3. Velour Faux Pearl Choker

velour faux pearl choker

This velour faux pearl choker has a single pearl to draw attention to it.  This is definitely an alternative to consider if the gem above appealed to you.  Also, ShopBack’s cashback will let you take this home for less than MYR16.

4. Velvet Faux Gem Choker

velvet faux gem choker

Or perhaps you embrace all things shiny. This velvet faux gem choker is the one for you then! With its arrangement of colourful faux gems, this is definitely a statement piece that will draw attention to your neck. At slightly over MYR37 after ShopBack’s cashback, this is a piece not to be missed for all gem lovers.

5. Iridescent Heart Choker

iridescent heart choker

Another statement piece would be this iridescent heart choker. From the technicolor base to the faux gem encrusted heart, everything about this choker screams “I love colour!!!”. For the price of less than MYR30, this choker could be your expression of love for all things colourful.

6. Iridescent Sequin Choker

iridescent sequin choker

Another iridescent piece would be this sequin choker. Think: mermaid inspired. Who wouldn’t love to have this around their neck?  After ShopBack’s cashback, this would only cost around MYR20.

7. Ornate Filigree Choker

ornate filigree choker

Now this is definitely a piece that will unleash our inner elegant princess. The ornate filigree choker has intricate details that lend an air of elegance to whoever has the joy of wearing it. The cost of this beautiful choker? Barely over MYR28.

8. Floral Crochet Choker

floral crochet choker

What better way to embrace the choker trend than to incorporate it with the floral crochet trend? This is exactly what this choker has done and we sure are glad they did. With ShopBack’s cashback, this would be barely above MYR20.

9. Burnished Chain Choker

burnished chain choker

This burnished chain choker is another one for the avid choker collector. With all of its interesting elements, this choker is sure to be a conversation starter.  For the price of just MYR28.90, this statement piece can be yours for the taking.

10. Twisted Statement Choker

twisted statement choker

From the design to the material used, this twisted choker has all the elements of a statement piece that can tie any outfit together and help you stand out from the crowd! For just MYR37.20, this could be yours!

Be the neck-vy of every choker wearer with any one of these chokers from Forever 21.

All images are taken from Forever 21.