Mobile games have been, and will always be a must-have for all phone users. From conventional word puzzles to arcade and strategy games, mobile gaming has now taken the world by storm.

Which means of course, that now everything comes with a price, and just like you, we too, hate that. So, we did some digging and found out some of the best free mobile games you can play on IOS and/or Android.

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1. Candy Crush Saga

Candy Crush Saga Mobile Game

It may not come to you as a surprise that the top of the list is taken by none other than the famous puzzle game, Candy Crush Saga. If this game sounds foreign to you (though it probably isn’t going to be), then allow me to walk you through it real quick.

In order to advance to the next level, you will need to reach a certain score within a given time by matching three or more of the same coloured candies, you can also earn extra points when you match four or more of the same candy.

2. Pictoword

Pictoword Mobile Game

Pictoword is a fun and interesting trivia game that can be played by kids, teens, and adults. If you’re looking to work your brain a little, then grab your phone and download this right away.

Consisting of over 10 theme packs to choose from, levels ranging from easy to hard, you can never get bored with this one!

3. Super Mario Run

Yes you read it right, Mario is back, and it’s better than ever. You can now jump across obstacles and collect coins in this side-scrolling game using just one hand!

In the all-new Remix 10, you’ll play 10 consecutive short courses while trying to find Princess Daisy.

Super Mario Run Mobile Game

Avoid fires, gaps, and water and break through buildings to score additional coins. Remember to try to collect as many power-ups as you can to earn higher points.

Super Mario Run Mobile Game

*This game requires an active Internet connection

4. Asphalt 8: Airborne

Here’s one for all the car race geeks out there!

Asphalt 8: Airborne Mobile Game

The new and improved Asphalt 8 offers better performing vehicles, perilous paths, and exotic new locations for racers. Loaded with excitement, challenge, and fun, the asphalt 8 is a definite adrenaline booster.

Perform mid-air stunts, as you break free from gravity while taking down your opponents one by one.

5. Word Jam

Word Jam Mobile Game

With over 500 exciting puzzles, this one’s a brain squeezer for all puzzle lovers out there!

Using only the letters you’re provided, you are to come up with the right words to fit in the crossword puzzle. Earn miles for each puzzle you solve to advance to the next level. Here’s a fun way to improve your vocab!

6. Temple Run 2

Temple Run 2 Mobile Game

Remember the classic ‘ol Temple run? Well here’s a very much-improved version of that.

With all-new obstacles and special powers for your characters, get ready for an exhilarating adventure through treacherous mines, rivers, and caves in as you attempt to stay away from getting devoured by monsters.

7. Mr. Bean – Around the World

Mr Bean- Around the world Mobile Game

Can’t get enough of Mr. Bean, well he’s back to keep you entertained! Voiced by Rowan Atkinson, this is one for all the Mr. Bean lovers out there.

Jump over furniture, collect gold beans, create a ruckus and travel the world as you run away from ‘ol Mrs. Wicket and her wooden bat. Remember to turn on your sound for a much more realistic Mr. Bean experience.

8. Hill Climb Racing

Hill Climb Racing Mobile Game

Hill climb racing is a frustrating and addictive psychics based car race game, available for free on both IOS and Android. With exciting new vehicles, paths, and levels you’re on for a challenge in this one.

Once you’ve conquered this, head on to the app store/play store to play the slightly more challenging sequel, Hill Climb Racing 2.

9. 8-Ball Pool

8-Ball Pool Mobile Game

Who doesn’t love a little pool game?

The world’s top pool game is now available on your android and IOS devices, so you too can now play with your friends or experts from all around the world, anywhere, anytime.

Sharpen your skills before you take on challenges and 1-on-1 matches to increase your chances of scoring exclusive trophies and cues!

 *This game requires an active Internet connection

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What are your favourite mobile games?

*All games stated above are free to play but may require payments for certain in-app purchases.

*Featured Image Credit: David Grandmougin | Unsplash