If you didn’t know about this awesome website by now, you really should. With discounts going up to 50%, you can really get more for less on Eatigo. With a wide range of cuisines, conveniently sorted by locations, Eatigo is a breeze to navigate. From local to Indian, Japanese to French – if it’s a type of cuisine that you can think of it, it’s probably on Eatigo.

Having a 50% discount should make it super easy to pick a place for a meal. Not only that, you can enjoy RM3 cashback with every attended reservation! However, if you still cannot decide by now we must assume it’s because there are too many choices to select from which leads you to that age-old question of “what to eat?”.

Why not give Asian fusion cuisine a try? It takes the best of two worlds and under the skilful hands of a chef, becomes a gastronomy adventure that’s a treat for your taste buds!

  1. Kenangan @ Jalan Ampang

    Laksa Johor
    Laksa Johor

Formerly known as Katie’s Stove, Kenangan @ Jalan Ampang can be found behind the well-known Hock Choon supermarket and Victoria station. Other than Malay food which is a given on its menu, this restaurant specialises particularly in providing authentic Johorean delicacies such as Kacang Phool and Laksa Johor – which combines Italian spaghetti with a Malay-style gravy. Should you require an event space, this restaurant is a quaint spot to host a function too.

Recommended items:

Laksa Johor (RM5.45++ after 50% discount and RM3 cashback. Originally RM16.90++)

Spaghetti doused with wolf herring gravy, topped off with a generous amount of freshly cut vegetables.

Lemon Butter Soft Shell Crab (RM14.95++ after 50% discount and RM3 cashback. Originally RM35.90++)

Crispy soft shell crab drizzled with lemon butter sauce for an interesting mix of taste and texture.

  1. Wau Dining @ Changkat

    Wau Dining
    Wau Dining

Named after the traditional Malay kite, Wau Dining is a hidden gem. Tucked away in a cosy little corner along the busiest street at Changkat Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur, Wau Dining prides themselves on their traditional age-old recipes passed down from one generation to the next. Asian fusion highlights here include comfort food that adds on to that nostalgic ambiance provided by its meticulous décor.

Recommended items:

Ayam Percik ((quarter) RM6.40++, (half) RM12.40 after 50% discount and RM3 cashback. Originally (quarter) RM18.80+++, (half) RM30.80++)Quarter or half chicken marinated in flavourful spices and grilled to tender perfection then slathered with the most divine creamy spiced coconut milk sauce.

Beef Rendang (RM10.40++ after 50% discount and RM3 cashback. Originally RM26.80++)

Slightly spicy, this beef dish is slow cooked to bring out its intense and rich flavour.

  1. Trilogy @ Bukit Utama

    Nasi Lemak with Softshell Crab
    Nasi Lemak with Softshell Crab

Taking their love for food to the next level, the Trilogy team creates each meal with such precision and dedication whilst carefully curating their menu to offer you a unique dining experience. The added Western influences give the traditionally Asian dishes a surprise twist yet never stray far from their Asian roots.

Recommended items:

Grain-Fed Striploin Steak on Gyoza Chips (RM14.50++ after 50% discount and RM3 cashback. Originally RM35.00++)

Tender beef cooked to your selected doneness with a side of gyoza chips.

Nasi Lemak with Softshell Crab (RM9.50++ after 50% discount and RM3 cashback. Originally RM25.00++)

When the local favourite is given a Far East twist of flavour and texture!

Seafood Tom Yum Fried Rice (RM2.75++ after 50% discount and RM3 cashback. Originally RM11.50++)

So authentic you would swear it came from the streets of Thailand.

  1. Duddha @ KLCC


With a specialisation in contemporary, alternative Asian cuisine with a fusion twist, Duddha offers creative interpretations of the dishes we all know and love and then some. Don’t let the names on the menu intimidate you. Their dishes are definitely modern classics.

Recommended items:

48 Hours Wagyu Beef Cheek Rendang (RM36.50++ after 50% discount and RM3 cashback. Originally RM79.00++)

Have they got the cheek to say it but it really takes 48 hours to prepare this dish served with puffed rice and crispy herbs.

Dreamland Prawn (RM18.00++ after 50% discount and RM3 cashback. Originally RM42.00++)

Tiger prawns pan fried in garlic, chilli and coriander, honey, soy and ginger. Served with pineapple salsa.

  1. Terracotta @ The ZON

    Terracota Cafe
    Terracota Cafe

Taking its name after the famous Terracota Army, this restaurant offers a wide range of international cuisine to satisfy even the most well-travelled foodies. From Asian to Western and everything in between, you will be spoilt for choice. Even better, this place offers buffet for breakfast and high tea! You can also dine against a backdrop of KL’s iconic twin towers and the nearby Golden Triangle.

Recommended items:

Grilled Crusted Salmon

(RM21.50++ after 50% discount and RM3 cashback. Originally RM49.00++)

Crusty on the outside and tender on the inside, never judge a book by its cover nor a dish by its crust.

Breakfast Buffet (RM12.00++ after 50% discount and RM3 cashback. Originally RM30.00++)

07:00am -10:30am (daily)

High Tea Buffet (RM24.50++ after 50% discount and RM3 cashback. Originally RM55.00++)

01:00pm – 04:00pm (Sunday)

  1. Adam Lai Restaurant @ Shah Alam

    Adam Lai Boxing Chicken
    Adam Lai Boxing Chicken

Put your mind at ease as you tuck into Muslim-friendly Chinese cuisine at Adam Lai. Not only do they serve up delectable and heartwarming local favourites, they also have an interesting selection of live seafood that can be cooked to your fancy.

Recommended items:

Fish Head Vietnam Style (Starts from RM12.00++ after 50% discount and RM3 cashback. Originally RM30.00++)

You’ve heard of fish head curry? Now take it up a notch and try it Vietnam style.

Boxing Chicken (Starts from RM6.00++ after 50% discount and RM3 cashback. Originally RM18.00++)

Deep fried and coated with their specially created sweet and spicy sauce, it will be messy but worth it.

  1. Illusion Chocolate Cafe @ PV128

    Imported Belgian Chocolate
    Imported Belgian Chocolate

With specially imported high-quality chocolate from Belgium and specialised modern Italian machinery, their creations, unlike their name, are definitely not illusions. Go on and sink your teeth into delectable desserts that will satisfy your chocolate craving – a must-try for the sweet-toothed dessert lover.

Recommended Items:

Brownies Crepe (RM10.95++ after 50% discount and RM3 cashback. Originally RM27.90++)

French crepe stuffed with brownies not forgetting the signature chocolate dressing.

Illusion Belgium Chocolate Milkshake (RM6.25++ after 50% discount and RM3 cashback. Originally RM18.50++)

Rich and flavourful, this signature drink comes in your choice of milk, dark or white chocolate flavours.

  1. TEMPTationS @ Renaissance KL

    TEMPTationS Buffet
    TEMPTationS Buffet

Much like its name suggests, you will likely be tempted when faced with their wide selection of Asian-fusion specialties and regional favourites. The buffet options feature different stations where you can watch the chef prepare your dishes right in front of your eyes!

Recommended items:

North Malaysian Oxtail Soup (RM16.50++ after 50% discount and RM3 cashback. Originally RM39.00++)

Slow braised beef with Indian spices, coriander leaf and lime – a brilliant combination for comfort food.

Murgh Makhanwala (RM21.50++ after 50% discount and RM3 cashback. Originally RM49.00++)

Punjab butter chicken and jeera pulao topped off with an all-time Indian favourite – poppadom.

There you have it. With this guide, we hope you never run out of ideas on what to eat! Don’t forget to activate the cashback via the Eatigo’s Shopback page. Bon appetit!

*All images are taken from my.eatigo.com unless otherwise stated