Ladies, let’s talk about it out in the open, shall we?

“Someone please call Victoria, because her secret is out”. But before she shows up, let’s put away our grimaces and cringes and be real.

Yes, all women wear lingerie.

All ladies rely on brassieres for the support of their lady lumps and sometimes, they just so happen to be oh so fancy for their own (and maybe their partner’s) viewing pleasure. Whichever the case, lingerie is something that shouldn’t be taboo to talk about openly or discuss. Everyone showers their body with love in different ways. For many, getting in touch with their body and treating themselves to high quality, comfortable intimates is the best way to do so. It’s definitely not a sin to treat yourself with some flattering intimates and be confident in your own body when you rock them.

With the wide selection of lingerie available on Cotton On, you are sure to find the perfect loungewear or intimates that are suited for your desired purpose and occasion. In this post, we will be checking out some of the amazing intimates you can get from Cotton On Body for a GLAM night at home. Alone or not, that’s besides the point.

Sleep and Lounge Wear 

Being yourself at home is the best treat you can give yourself after a hard day’s work. Why bother putting on a nice pair of PJs when you can be ultra lazy and throw on nothing more than a pair of undies and a laid-back silky Kimono Gown that will keep you cool through out the night while giving you an extra chic look, if say, someone were to come by and you were to answer the door. Spice up your nights in bed with these extremely chic pieces from Cotton On.

Cotton On Kimono Gown

The Kimono Gown is Available in 5 different colours and designs.

If you’re feelin’ yourself and want to go for a more revealing, sleek and sexy look, you might prefer the Slinky Nightie. Ladies, you need not have a bed partner to enjoy looking hot in bed. It’s the 21st century, nothing wrong with being an #independentwoman.

Brush it off, brush it off. 

Cotton On Slinky Nightie

Available in 3 different colours and designs on Cotton On Body

Lace Up Your Lady Lumps

If you’d like to add more flavour to your sleepwear, or if you’re just seeking some light support, laced bras might just be an ideal option for you. With many different types of lacy bras out there to suit your preference, there is surely something you can find on Cotton On Body to suit the occasion.

Here are a few of our suggestions to go with the loungewear.

Cotton On Crop Fit Lace Up

This feminine and fitting Crop Fit Lace Up 2 bra will be sure to push you up by 2 bra sizes and hug your natural curves to give you that extra “umph!”.

Cotton On Date Night Long-Line Bralette

Introducing: The Date Night Long-Line BraletteAs the name states, this bra will look extra beautiful under your dress on a date night out. Hmm, if the date goes well, I can promise that you wouldn’t be the only one thinking so.

Cotton On Flirty Lace Bra

This wire-free Flirty Lace Bra doesn’t compromise on natural comfort, style or glamour. Designed to be seen, the bra adds a nice touch to most outfits you decide to pair it with, even if it’s just under your loungewear.

Make your night-life (in bed) more exciting when you glam up with these beautiful intimates from Cotton On. 

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Details are accurate as of 23 February 2016

Images are all taken from Cotton On unless otherwise stated.