Everyone knows that travelling is expensive. Given the chance, I believe we all would want to save some money. For young travellers like myself, every bit of money saved (no matter how much) could possibly fund our next trip. But what if I told you that you could be paid for travelling?

I hereby present to you the ShopBack Button! The ShopBack Button is a free browser extension that automatically finds, tests, and applies the best promo codes to your cart when you shop. The best thing is, it is on top of your Cashback and applicable at over 30,000 sites, including online travel agencies like Agoda, Booking.com, Expedia, Klook and many more.

TL;DR Install the free ShopBack Button extension, book your travel destination, save money.

First, click here to download the extension on the Google Webstore for free.

When you are craving that adventure, search as you normally would for your preferred online travel agency on Google. You will see an indication with the ShopBack logo (see image below) and Cashback percentage for partners who have Cashback available.


Afraid that it will slip your mind to activate the Cashback button while busy planning your adventure? Fret not for you will automatically be reminded to apply Cashback whenever available!

The ShopBack Button also reveals all available coupons and automatically applies the best ones around which helped me save tons of time and money. For easy reference. here’s how much you can possibly save on your next hotel booking too!

It is literally that easy.

You know, they say time is money, so why not save both? With the free ShopBack Button, discover all the savings you can possibly get why keeping tabs on the Cashback you can earn. With us, you can rest assured that you have found the best deals for yourself. No more last-minute searching or wondering if there are any better alternatives.

Simply put, we do the searching, you do the travelling.