With the internet, you can do virtually anything with just a scroll and click of a mouse, and that includes grocery shopping! Lugging home groceries is now an archaic practice of the past with stores like HappyFresh. The irksome parts of grocery shopping are taken away and focuses your attention on the most important part – the shopping! Plus, if you are someone who does not know how to pick out your own groceries, HappyFresh have trained couriers to do that for you; you can even return those that you are not satisfied with! Do we have you intrigued? Below are just 10 awesome stores that partners HappyFresh to give you the groceries of the highest quality.

Grocery Shopping

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1. K Market

K Market

Looking for some Korean food items? K Market offers a range of Korean snacks, other food items and even beauty and personal care products! Fans of Korean instant noodles should jump at this opportunity to have Korean instant noodles delivered to their doorstep!

2. Village Grocer

Village Grocer

Village Grocer began in Gombak as a typical grocery store. Started from humble beginnings, they remain as the friendly neighbourhood grocer that made them so popular within the community. You can expect nothing less than the freshest produce every time you order from the Village Grocer – that is their promise!

3. Jasons Food Hall

Jasons Food Hall

Jasons Food Hall was started by a group of gourmet food lovers so you can expect that the groceries that you order are of the highest quality. You can now pair your steak with a bottle of premium Cabernet Sauvignon, delivered right to your doorstep.

4. Tesco


One of the biggest international grocery stores in the world, Tesco operates across several countries across Asia and Europe. Its greatest selling point — Tesco has almost everything that you need so you need not look any further!


5. MBG Fruit Shop

MBG FruitShop

Money Back Guarantee – that is what MBG stands for. The MBG FruitShop believes that customer satisfaction is the greatest priority. True to their words, the fruits that they give you are fresh and juicy, perfect for the hottest days in Malaysia.


6. BMS Organics

BMS Organics

For those who love to eat healthy, BMS Organics is one of the leaders in organic food in Malaysia. Eat healthily with your pick of organic produces, beverages and snacks delivered to your doorstep when you order with HappyFresh!


7. Sam’s Groceria

Sam's Groceria

Serving fresh and premium quality food is what Sam’s Groceria strives to deliver. To do that, they have a selection of snacks, spices and condiments that are from all across the world. If you are looking for something alternative, take a look at what Sam’s Groceria has to offer!


8. Wine Talk

Wine Talk

There isn’t another online wine shop that boasts a selection as wide as the one at Wine Talk. You can have different wines of different qualities delivered to your home. For the wine enthusiast, this is the place to look for the most exquisite and exotic wines.



Aeon Big

AEON BIG should be no stranger to you, after all, it is one of the biggest hypermarkets in Malaysia. Through HappyFresh, you can have the entire selection of foods and groceries that are available at the nearby AEON BIG hypermarket without any travelling!

10. De Market

De Market

The founder of De Market opened the supermarket due to the inability to find groceries that met with her level of satisfaction. As a result, us consumers get to enjoy the range of high-end ingredients that De Market has to offer, imported from all over the world.

The ease and convenience that HappyFresh brings is impeccable. Having groceries delivered to your very doorstep saves you from a lot of unnecessary hassle. Besides, the groceries that you get from HappyFresh will be no different from the ones you will get if you had gone down yourself. If you have never tried having your groceries delivered to you, try having them delivered to you with HappyFresh today!

All images are taken from HappyFresh.com