Even if you’re one to eat out all the time, buying groceries or sundries is a necessity. After all, you need to solve the random snack-cravings when you’re binge-watching the latest Korean dramas, right?

Unfortunately, if you’re not careful, buying groceries can cost you a lot more than you think. Never mind the long receipts, but a large numerical figure at the end of it is the one that stings the most. You have to know how to maximize each and every single purchase!

  1. Use Loyalty Cards

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Just about every single store these days have loyalty cards. These cards reward the customers with points, discounts, and even special cardholder or member days. If you frequently shop at the same supermarket like Tesco or AEON BiG, it makes sense to get yourself their loyalty card and rake up the points every time you spend there!

Each ringgit you spend with a loyalty card will earn you points, which can then be exchanged for products or, even better, cash vouchers! Keep in mind that some loyalty cards have a fee.

  1. Make a Shopping List

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And stick with it! Don’t get carried away with impulsive purchases that’ll just add up to the total. Before you embark on your journey to replenish your groceries and sundries, always make a shopping list. Note what you need. Prioritize. Be disciplined.

Planning out what you need is important. Sundries like dishwashing liquid and tissue paper last longer than most foodstuff; buying in bulk can help you save more in the longer term. Take advantage of promotions and sales too.

  1. Browse and Subscribe

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This one time browsing and subscribing to shopping leaflets is helpful. Most hypermarkets and supermarkets these days have weekly or daily leaflets with the latest pricing on groceries. Being in the know with these prices can help you plan your shopping trips to maximize value.

  1. Use credit cards for Points and Cashback

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Credit cards often have reward points or cashback when you make purchases. Depending on the credit card and shopping outlet, you can earn up to 8x rewards points and up to hundreds of ringgits worth of cashback in a year!

When you’re applying for a credit card, make sure to double-check on the terms and conditions!

  1. Get your groceries online

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No transport? No problem. We’re living in the digital age where your groceries can be delivered to your doorstep (with some charges). It is a good idea for those who are unable to head to the supermarket themselves.

Shopping for your groceries and sundries online can also help you to save money. Watch for flash deals and promos on online stores like Tesco! Also, keep a lookout for 11street promo codes and TaoBao coupons to get major discounts.

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This article was written by Lord Tan from CompareHero.my, a site dedicated to increasing financial literacy and helping you save time and money by comparing credit cards, personal loans, and broadband plans in Malaysia.

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