Malaysians created history in May 9th 2018 by voting for a change of government. This is the first time it has happened since the country’s independence from the British 60 odd years ago. One of the first things the new government has done was to abolish the Goods and Services Tax (GST).

This was a tax that many of us considered burdensome. However, beginning June 1st, the 6% tax was zero rated, effectively abolishing the tax. Although the prices of some things have not come down dramatically, there are some things that are definitely more affordable.

  1. Groceries

If you were out shopping after June 1st, you would have realized that the prices of many things on the supermarket shelves being cheaper by about 30%. Some of these include cheese, canned food, baking ingredients, chocolates and even milk powder.

If you’re a mom, this is the best time to go shopping and stock up on those baby bottles and diapers as we’re yet to find out how the incoming Sales and Services Tax (SST) will affect prices.

Take advantage of our cashback promotions for online grocery delivery stores like Honestbee and HappyFresh for an even more affordable grocery bill.

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  1. Cosmetics and Skincare Products

Many of the cosmetic brands we get locally are imported from places like the UK, South Korea and Japan. You’ll begin to notice that there are slight reductions in the prices of items like makeup, face wash, moisturizers, toners and the like.

Stores like Hermo and Sephora are great for picking up your skincare and makeup supplies, which you can get more of now that they’re more affordable. Our cashback promotions for both these stores will help you cut down your beauty costs for every purchase.

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  1. A Smartphone

When something is more expensive, the price reductions are a lot more significant. Certain handphone brands are now having online sales on top of the 0% GST. This means that you can have a new smartphone as discounts you’ve never seen before. Flash sales for Smartphones are particularly common on sites like Lazada, which means that you can find smartphones with up to 10% off. Our electronics cashback promotions are definitely something you can use to save yourself even more.

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  1. Home Appliances

If any of your home appliances need replacing, now’s a great time to do it. Air-conditioners, vacuum cleaners and washing machines were all previously sold with 6% GST so it’s really worth it if you start buying them now.

This is an especially lucky time for those who have just gotten married ( or are going to anytime soon) to start filling your home with all the essential appliances. One place you can get it online is at SenHeng, whereby there are cashback promotions available too.

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  1. Automotive Parts

Many experts suggest that now is the best time to buy a car. However, in saying that, it’s also a good time to start buying those automotive spare parts that you’ve been putting off for months due to the GST. Things like absorbers, lights, disc brakes and even bulkier items like carburetors can be bought online from places like 11Street and Lazada.

If you can replace these yourself, you would save a ton on workmanship. However, more complicated parts does require the services of a mechanic. However, buying online gives you more control and choices when it comes to spare parts, and can save you some repair costs.

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  1. A Holiday

Travelling within Malaysia just got a whole lot more affordable with hotels doing away with the 6% per room rate. Apart from just room rates, food served within the hotels would be cheaper too, and that means your complimentary breakfast package just got more affordable. If you’re a Malaysian travelling locally, your hotel stay will not have any taxation any more, but foreigners will still have to pay the tourism tax of RM10 per room. is one of the best sites for you to compare prices and plan your trip. Its easy to use features will help you have everything arranged in a jiffy.

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The SST is set to make a comeback by September 2018, so until then, it’s time to spend wisely on the things you need the most. Remember that spending within your means is always the best course in the long run.

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