A Korean BBQ restaurant is a great place to share a meal with family and friends. Korean food is really healthy too, with lots of vegetables forming part of the side dishes or Banchan. Korean food enjoyed an explosion of popularity when the Hallyu wave hit Malaysian shores, driven by K-pop and Korean romance dramas.

Now you can enjoy Korean food at completely Halal eateries, free of alcohol and pork, and with proper certifications. Here are the places to head to:



korean beef bbq with cheese ring and sides
Image credit: Sweetree FB

Sweetree offers diners a convenient Korean BBQ experience, where diners can choose from different sets that have marinated beef, chicken or both together. If you’re in a group of 2 or 3 people, you can go for the BBQ Set 1 (RM140) that has marinated beef striploin, dumplings, and seaweed rolls.

Cheese lovers will enjoy their BBQ Set 4 ( RM 105) with a Cheese Ring Dak Gal Bi, seaweed rolls and dumplings. This is basically a dish of spicy stir-fried chicken, which you can dip and coat with melted cheese for a fusion experience.

2. Gangnam Station

korean meat stew
Image credit: Gangnam Station FB

Gangnam Station is an affordable Korean restaurant out in Shah Alam. They have a pretty wide selection of meats you can order for the grill, like Galbisal spareribs ( RM68 for small and RM120 for large) and Dakgalbi marinated chicken (RM30).

You’ll also find all the usual Korean favourites like hot stone pot Bibimbap (RM25), Tteokbokki ( RM23) and Budae Jjigae or Army Stew (RM70). The restaurant is simple and clean, with plenty of promotions available from time to time.

3. Yeoju BBQ

Korean bbq
Image credit: Yeonju BBQ Facebook

At Yeoju BBQ, you’ll be able to enjoy a buffet barbeque experience for only RM48 each, with children 5-12 years old being charged half price. The buffet offers chicken, lamb, beef, prawn, squid, fish and 6 side dishes. These include Japchae, seafood pancake, kimchi and more.

There’s also an ala carte menu, with best selling items like Kimchi fried rice (RM 14.90), Bibimbap (RM14.90), and Korean chicken wings in several flavours (~RM15 for 8 pieces).

4. Medini’s Barbeque Restaurant

meats and seafood for Korean BBQ
Image credit: Medini BBQ Facebook

Medini’s Barbeque also offers a buffet-style self grilling experience. For RM 49.90 per pax (  RM 23.90 for children below 12) you get free flow meat and poultry, as well as side dishes. Seafood is also available but will be portioned out for you. You get unlimited access to soy sauce beef, soy sauce chicken, spicy lamb, spicy chicken wings,  glass noodle Japchae, seafood pancakes, tteokpokki and much more!

Ala carte dishes are also available, like Bean Paste Soup (RM19.90) and Bibimbap ( RM20.90).

5. Onsemiro (Fine Dining Korean Restaurant)

raw beef Bibimbap
Image credit: Onsemiro FB

Onsemiro’s interior is definitely more classy and a one-up from your usual Korean family restaurants. The dishes are presented in the most aesthetically pleasing ways, and you’ll find items here you can’t find elsewhere, such as the raw beef Bibimbap ( RM45) and Bokjiri ( clear blowfish soup with vegetables, RM55).

They offer barbeque sets, with meats like raw beef, fresh ribeye, Galbi BBQ, marinated chicken and more for a starting price of RM208. Apart from Korean spirits like Soju (RM28) and Makgeolri (RM35), they also serve house wines and champagne.

6. SeoulNami Korean BBQ

Chuncheon chicken from SeoulNami
Image credit: SeoulNami FB

This Halal BBQ restaurant at The Gardens, Midvalley specializes in a marinated chicken dish known as Chuncheon Chicken. The Chuncheon Chicken flavours available include hot pepper, honey butter and Ganjang. If you want to try all the flavours at once, go for the Signature Tasting Set (RM 259 for 4 pax).

The set comes with a tray of cheese lava, which you can melt and use to coat your chicken. There are also several vegetable-based banchan which are refillable and a steaming egg custard bowl. They also have other meats for the grill, like the Beef Platter (RM119) and spicy octopus (RM 39).

7. Seoul Garden

BBQ meat
Image credit: Seoul Garden FB

Seoul Garden is the largest Korean BBQ chain in the country and is pork and alcohol-free. They have an eat-all-you-can buffet starting at RM38 for lunch and RM 49 for dinner. For this price, you can enjoy a free flow of marinated beef, chicken, fish, and other seafood. Examples include Dakgalbi chicken, kimchi Tomyam fish, and kalbi beef. On average, each meat has about 5-6 flavours. There’s also fresh veggies, especially salad leaves for you to wrap your meat the Korean way.

You’ll also get plenty of ready-cooked food, like Korean fried rice, fishcakes and vegetarian noodles. There’s also free-flow drinks and ice cream for dessert.

  • Address:
    • Refer to their Facebook for a complete list of more than 10 branches in KL
  • Opening hours:
    • Daily, 11am-10pm
  • Facebook
    • https://www.facebook.com/SeoulGardenMalaysia/

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