Halloween is around the corner, which means it’s time to help your kids choose an outfit, find the appropriate pieces then put it together. With over hundreds of costumes to choose from, it may be tricky to settle on one that your kid likes, and doesn’t really cost a fortune.

So, here to make life easier for you, here are some of our favourite Halloween costume ideas for your kids that are fun, creative and easy to create.

1. Skeleton

This is a classic Halloween costume for both kids and adults. It can either be made by hand or bought from stores. All you need is a plain black outfit and a white marker.

Skeleton Halloween Costume for kids
Image Credit: Jako Ferlič | Unsplash

Draw a skeleton body on the black outfit using the white marker, and paint a skull makeup on your child’s face.

Note: Ask your kid to stay grim the whole time, for a scarier effect.

2. Princess

Let your daughter know that she is just as special as all her favorite Disney Princesses, by dressing her up as one of them this Halloween.

Kids Princess Costume for Halloween
Image Credit: Civalias Kune | Unsplash

This is one of the easiest costumes to create, all you need to do it is, dress your daughter in the most beautiful gown she has and remember to put a tiara on her head. The tiara can either be bought online or you can make them yourself using cardboards and some magic pens.

3. Fairy

The fairy costume is another Halloween favorite for girls. All you need is a plain but attractive white dress, a pair of wings and a magic wand.

Kids Fairy Costume for Halloween
Image Credit: Beth Ireland | Unsplash

For extra fun, sit down with your little girl and make those wings and wand from scratch using cardboards and color papers.

4. Friendly Woodcutter

If your child has a thing for heroes, then let him be the Friendly woodcutter from Little Red Riding Hood this Halloween- he did save Little Red from the wolf after all.

Kids Woodcutter Halloween Costume
Image Credit: Tangle Youngblood | Unsplash

This costume is rather easy to create; all you need is a flannel, a pair of jeans and an axe or a saw- fake of course.

5. Cat-girl

If boys can be superheroes, then girls can too. Get your daughter to dress up as cat-girl, the supervillain turned superhero this Halloween.

Catgirl Halloween Costume for kids
Image Credit: Mariamichelle | Pixabay

Grab a plain black top and a pair of leggings, then create some fake kitty ears using cardboard and paste them onto a headband. Voila! You have your very own superhero right at home.

For additional effect, you can also opt to purchase a fake clip-on cattail from stores, online, or even make them yourself using some metal wires and cloth.

6. Zombie

Here’s another classic Halloween costume, the zombie. This one’s not only easy to create, but also fun to wear and scare people.

Zombie Halloween Costume for Kids
Image Credit: rygudguy | Pixabay

To create the zombie look, start off by ripping up your kid’s old t-shirt a little to make it look thrashed, and continue to rub some dirt on their pants.

Then, apply some red coloring all over your kid’s mouth and smear some around the face and finally dab some powder on his face to give off a pale look.

7. Witch

This is another outfit that we’ll never get tired of, and you shouldn’t either, I mean what’s Halloween without a good ‘ol witch?

Witch Halloween Costume for kids
Image Credit: sobima | Pixabay

This costume can either be bought online as a whole set or they can be easily created by piecing together clothes your child already has, such as a pair of funky leggings, a tutu or a skirt and a long-sleeved top.

For the props, you’ll need a black manila card- to create the witch’s hat- and an old broom.

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