Some days you might wake up and dread the fact that you need to go to work, hoping your bed would just swallow you right in, and that’s alright. But if this thought runs through your mind every single day, then there’s something you need to do about it.

Your working life may not always be sunshine and rainbows but it mustn’t feel like a burden either. So wipe that frown right off your face, and smile big ‘cause we’re going to remind you how you can get a happy work life.

#1 Customise Your Workspace

Spending more than half a day sitting in the same place, staring at your laptop screen can be depressing, so try customising your workspace a little to make you feel at home.

Customise your workspace with air plants
Image Credit: Kevin Bhagat | Unsplash

Place photos that hold your happiest memories on your desk (you can print them at a discount with Photobook promo), to give you something to look at whenever things get a little rough or if you’re a big lover of nature then go ahead and get a few air plants for your desk — they don’t require much care anyway, so it’s perfect.

Additional idea: Put up sticky notes of your favorite quotes to help you get through tough days.

#2 Make Friends

Friends make life a bit easier to get through. Having a good friend at work is sure to positively impact your professional life. They’re there to help you out on bad days, celebrate your achievements, as well as give you feedback when you need them and this is important because they’re the only one who gets all the ups and downs at your workplace.

Make friends with colleagues
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LinkedIn Sales Navigator | Unsplash

Remember: This doesn’t give you the green light to gossip about your other colleagues if you know their secrets. That’s just a surefire way to create some drama at work.

#3 Laugh A Little

As opposed to popular beliefs, laughing does not necessarily mean getting distracted or losing focus, because findings now show that laughing is, in fact, a great tool to increase productivity at work.

Laugh with your colleagues
Image Credit: Omar Lopez | Unsplash

Yeah, you heard right, laughter helps to generate great work.

So every time you feel down, or just not productive enough, laugh at a stupid joke from the Internet and share it with your co-workers too. Even if it’s just a mere couple of minutes, it’ll most certainly make your day a little better!

#4 Learn To Forgive (The Little Transgressions)

If you’re having trouble staying in the same space with some of your colleagues because of something they knowingly or unknowingly did, then you need to get that negativity out of your system. Storing resentment and anger sucks the happiness right out of you.

Forgive and be friends
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Now if you don’t believe me, try this. Every time your “not-so-favourite” colleague walks past you, notice how you feel. Is your heart racing? Do you feel suffocated, like the walls are closing in on you?

Well, that’s the price you pay for storing resentment. While you’re thinking of destroying someone by radiating all that anger off your body, you’re only burning yourself down. So try forgiving them and trust me, you’ll feel a lot better at work.

(Note: If this is an issue you feel can’t be resolved on its own, make time and sit down with your colleague and talk to them about it. You’re in a team.)

#5 Treat Yourself (With Food or Short Breaks)

Treat yourself
Image Credit: Bethany Newman | Unsplash

Sometimes all we need is a little boost and a little motivation to help us get through rough days. So here’s a trick: set a milestone, and every time you reach it, treat yourself to something that you love, maybe a couple of your favourite donuts or a ticket to the latest blockbuster movie.

Check out the Pomodoro Method, which breaks down your workday into 25 minute intervals, with 5 minute short breaks in between. It’s basically a mini version of treating yourself. There are apps like Be Focused and Tide to help you out.

Now you’re not only motivated to accomplish something, but you’re happy doing so!

#6 Leave Your Problems At Home

Be it paying your bills or a fight with your loved one, never mix your personal life with your professional life because then it’ll all just be a big ball of mess. If whatever that’s bothering you needs to be settled immediately, then take a couple of days off and get it done.

Focus on work
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Settle small issues like doctor appointments and paying bills before you start work so you don’t have them bugging you during the day when you have a ton of office work to complete.

Go to work with a peaceful mind, and you’ll be sure to feel happier and a lot calmer.

#7 Go Home When It’s Time

Sometimes it might feel like the work is never going to end (and that’s true, because you’re being paid to do a job, after all). But that doesn’t mean you should put off everything else, especially time for yourself and your loved ones, just to finish a job.

colleagues walking
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Leave work on time (unless it’s really necessary to OT that day), and leave your work at home. Go home, watch your own shows on Dimsum or Netflix, read a book, or spend time having a meal with your family.

You’ll be sleeping on time too since you’re home on time. Take care of yourself first, and you’ll be better equipped to take care of work.

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