According to the most recent statistics in 2019, at least one in three Malaysian adults suffer from diabetes. Diabetes is a disease whereby the body is unable to process excess sugar in the body, resulting in high sugar levels. As such, the government has encouraged Malaysians to cut down on sugary drinks and snacks. They even introduced a soda tax beginning in July 2019. In order to maintain a healthier lifestyle, we should try to cut down on things like Bubble Tea and soft drinks. Here are some healthier drink alternatives you can get instead:

1.True Lemon Lemonade

True Lemon’s lemonade drinks are made from real lemons and don’t contain any added sugars. They are a natural healthier drink mix that you can make by adding water or adding the mix to another beverage. Not only is the sugar content minimal, but it’s also rich in Vitamin C which can help boost your immune system. The drink also comes in two other flavours, strawberry lemonade and raspberry lemonade.

Where to get it?
iHerb sells a box of 10 packs for RM11.95.

 healthier  drink lemon lemonade

2. Pepsi Black or Coke Zero

Rather than buying a whole carton of sugary cola drinks during the festive season, you can opt to buy the sugar-free versions. Both Pepsi Black and Coke Zero are flavoured with artificial sweeteners that are safe and certified for public consumption. As they are sugar-free, they are also calorie-free which means they won’t pile on the pounds while you’re celebrating for a healthier drink experience.

Where to get it?
Lazada has a carton of 24 cans of Pepsi Black for RM 34.09

Pepsi Black healthier drink

3. Nesquick Chocolate Flavor, No Sugar Added

On rainy days, there’s nothing quite as comforting as a hot cup of cocoa. Now you can make a healthier cocoa drink that has no added sugars and no fructose corn syrup. The cocoa mix can be added to a cup of milk, either cold or hot and enjoyed immediately.

Where to get it?
You can get a 16oz pack for RM31.90 at iHerb

nesquick chocolate healthier drink
Image credit: iHerb

4. CafeCeps Instant Coffee

CafeCeps coffee contains added Cordyceps and Reishi mushroom powder that has plenty of health benefits. More importantly, it has no sugar, no artificial sweeteners, and no preservatives. The coffee itself is made of Arabica beans that have been roasted to fragrant perfection, so you can enjoy your morning coffee without concern.

Where to get it?

iHerb sells this instant healthy coffee at RM67.78 for 30 sachets

cafeCeps instant coffee healthier drink
Image credit: iHerb

5. Lakanto Matcha Latte

Green tea is rich in anti-oxidants and this makes its ideal as a healthier drink. However, green tea by itself is pretty bitter and therefore not suited to everyone’s taste. However, this time Lakanto has come up with green tea in a latte form. This drink mix has no sugars and is sweetened by Monkfruit extract.

Where to get it?
Lakanto Matcha Latte is sold at iHerb for RM51.26

lakanto Matcha Latte

6.Dried Fruit Tea

There are several fruit teas out there, and all of them are great beverage alternatives as long as you don’t add any sugar. Fruit teas are naturally mildly sweet. There are many fruit tea products made of dehydrated fruit that you can just add hot water to. This process extracts the natural flavours and vitamins in the fruits, as well as their natural sweetness.

Where to get it?
Lazada carries this Handmade Fruit Tea (RM39) made with dried watermelon, apples, berries, kiwi, honeydew and more

dried fruit tea
Image credit: Lazada

Find your healthier drink alternative today

Keeping sugary drinks to a minimum includes limiting your intake to only thrice a week or less. This includes minimizing soft drinks, bubble tea, and pre-packaged beverage mixes with lots of sugar. You can start gradually replacing your favourites with sugar-free or less sugary healthier drinks.

You can read more about healthy lifestyles here.

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