Once in a while you’ll feel like munching on a couple of snacks to kill time or just to keep the tummy satisfied for a little while. However, snacking on unhealthy snacks can easily cause you to gain weight and catch up to unhealthy lifestyle. Try some of these healthier options that tastes just as good as Mamee!

Multi-Grain Wavy Chips

Image Credits: Signature Market | signaturemarket.co

This multi-grain chips is by Signature Market, where they only use quality whole ingredients for this snack. The chips is not processed chemically, allowing it to be preserved the nutrients without any synthetic additives. You can expect ingredients like corn, whole wheat, brown rice, whole oat, non-hydrogenerated vegetable oil, and sea salt. It is a healthy snack that can be eaten by both adults and children. The snack is a product of Spain, so look forward to the burst of flavours in the chips!

Peri Peri Lime Soya Crisps

Image Credits: Box Green | boxgreen.com

This amazing crisps from Box Green are made with GM free Australian grown soya beans and sprinkled with a mixture of herbs like paprika and chilli, not missing out a dash of lime juice powder for an extra kick in the flavour! You don’t even have to worry about munching too much on this healthy snack, as it only consists of 121 calories in a bag. It’s definitely a great substitution for the Mamee snack!

Low Sugar Wild Strawberry Granola

Image Credits: Amazin’ Graze | amazingraze.co

If you’re looking for a low sugar diet snack to bite on, Amazin’ Graze is offering the low sugar wild strawberry granola made with natural sweeteners great for your body and health. The sweetener added into this granola is the Monk Fruit, which has zero calories that helps avoid spiking up your blood sugar levels. Fresh strawberries and raspberries can be found mixed into the granola which has 5% less sugar than the usual snack option that causes people to gain more weight. You can also expect white melon seeds and unsweetened coconut chips for a bit more flavour and nutrients for the body.

Mango Passionfruit

Image Credits: Rawsome | rawsome.co

Rawsome is popular for delivering healthy food across Malaysia, ranging from a full meal, vegan food, desserts, and juices. This snack option is more like a dessert, however we believe this can be eaten any time of the day if you’d like to. Their Mango Passionfruit looks amazing and is also as delicious as it looks! It consists of mango based organic chia seeds, jelly, passionfruit, Greek yoghurt, low fat milk, and soy milk.

Love Bites Roasted Almond & Cashew

Image Credits: My Love Earth | myloveearth.com

Love Bites Roasted Almond and Cashew is a pack of mixed nuts that are rich with a wide range of nutrients, mineral, and healthy fats that promote weight loss and induces other health benefits. My Love Earth sells them in packs of 40g each, by purchasing 6 units and above customers will be able to enjoy 10% off each pack.

SEA FRIEND-Toasted Seaweed Snack

Image Credits: BMS Organics | bmsorganics.com

BMS Organics introduces seaweed as an alternative to the usual snacking scene. This toasted seaweed snack consists of corn oil, sugar, roasted sesame seeds, sesame oil, and seaweed. It is made in Korea, so the quality of the seaweed is definitely top notch! A yummy savoury snack that is rich with vitamins and minerals.

RICE UP-Brown Whole Grain Rice Chips with Millet and Sunflower Seeds

Image Credits: BMS Organics | bmsorganics.com

Chips are usually the most go to snack but also super unhealthy to consume, but this rice chips might just change the game for you. It has 50% less fats made with millet & sunflower seeds, whole grains, olive oil, and is not fried. This chips is also vegan friendly, so if you are vegan this is an amazing choice to try out. A bag of 60g is only RM8.90 on BMS Organics’ website, affordable and healthy, what more can you ask for?

Real Veggie Crisps

Image Credits: Signature Market | signaturemarket.co

If you love having veggies and crisps this would be the best option for you. Signature Market introduces a delicious snack that is a mixture of savoury and sweet, made 100% of natural real vegetables without any artificial ingredients or additives. It’s the perfect snack for a healthy diet and even vegetarians can enjoy this choice! Vegetables like sweet potato, taro, pumpkin, carrot, lotus root, and long bean. It is colourful and flavourful all in a bite!

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