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One would be hard pressed to find a lady without a lipstick in her cosmetics collection. Lipsticks are the defining tool in every woman’s makeup bag. Studies have shown that different lipstick shades have the ability to alter people’s first impression of you. Furthermore, applying lipstick instantly brightens up your whole look and the best thing of all? Lipstick application takes less than a minute. Whether you are doing it on the train while rushing for work or doing it in the comforts of your home, a lipstick is a life saviour for many women!

Curious at what your favourite lipstick shade says about you? Here are some of the most popular shades and what it says about your personality.


red lipstick

The classic lipstick shade of all. It is no wonder that women with red lipstick are perceived as bold, sexy and alluring. You know what you want and usually go for it without any inhibitions. You are bold, full of energy and creative. These are the women whom you see has the most social media updates and are the most open to new ideas and trends.



pink lipstick

Usually deemed as the quieter version of red, ladies who favour the pink shade are seen as fun loving, sweet and sociable. Compared to their fiery red cousins, pink ladies are more subtle in their boldness, yet still retain a touch of spunkiness within their souls. They are more likely to stay in and watch movies. Pink represents a touch of cuteness and is favoured a lot by young women.



purple lipstick

This shade is not as common as pink and red lipstick shades. This is the reason why women who favour the purple shade are independent, regal and mysterious. The shade is romantic and feminine yet exudes a strong and powerful vibe to others. These are the women who go for luxury and are the spa divas of the world. Compared to pink shade wearers, women who wear plum shade lipsticks are perceived to be more unapproachable.



orange lipstick

Orange is the colour of summer! Similar to the colour, orange shade wearers are warm and fun loving. They are the type that dive head first into unknown territory. They are adventurous and a little on the wild side. They are usually optimistic and happy go lucky. Orange ladies are the undisputed life of party and treat everyone with warmth. They are the easiest to make friends with and if a stranger happens to approach you for a conversation, then it is most likely the person has a orange lipstick in her makeup collection somewhere.



brown lipstick

This earthly colour signifies that ladies who prefer this shade are down to earth, caring and dependable. They are the trustworthy ones of the group and are usually the first that pop into your mind when you need a listening ear or a shoulder to cry on. You like the simple things in life and are deemed as real. What you see is what you get.



nude lipstick

Ladies who rock nude lips are caring and sweet. They tend to go for classic styles and are the girls next door. Nude lipstick wearers are very confident as it looks au naturale. They are the Jennifer Anistons in your girl clique!


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