Hijabs, or tudungs, are an important part of many Muslim women’s lives. For many, hijabs are worn by women to maintain modesty and privacy from other men. In recent years, hijabs have taken on fashionable prints and styles which makes them versatile enough to wear with any outfit.

And with Ramadan fast approaching, we help you find the best hijab styles that are trending this season!


The Classic Everyday Wrap

For the busy Muslimah, the classic wrap is best for everyday wear. Choose hijabs with fabric such as chiffon, satin and jersey and adorn with a brooch for a classic yet elegant look.

Nude breathable fabric shawl hijab for modest wear Zalora
Photo: Zalora

I particularly love this style that is adorned with fiery orange prints as it adds a pop of colour to the outfit. This particular style also features an elastic band which makes it easier to wear and go! There are also days that nude hijabs just seem to complement your look better. If so, opt for options like this that are easy to throw into a no-hassle style and is also made of breathable fabric.

How to wear a hijab:

  1. Drape the hijab around your face with one side longer than the other.
  2. Bring the longer end over the shorter end, cross over and wrap it loosely over your head while leaving some volume.
  3. Secure with pins or a brooch and you’re good to go!


The Modern Turban Style

Perhaps one of the easiest and trendiest style to follow, the turban style is also well-loved by celebrities like Yuna. Whether its the side tie, or the criss-cross, the turban style is suitable for anyone of you. I will recommend pairing this with a boyfriend shirt and jeans for an effortless and chic look!

dark blue coloured Zalora turban style hijab
Photo: Zalora

How to wear a side-tie turban hijab:

  1. Fold your hijab in half, and put it over your head while making sure it covers your ears.
  2. Tie both strands at the nape of your neck.
  3. Bring one side back to the front of your preferred side and over your shoulder.
  4. Then, tie a knot and you’re done!
Zalora turban style hijab
Photo: Zalora

How to tie a criss-cross turban hijab:

  1. Fold your hijab in half, and put it over your heard.
  2. Instead of tying, cross both pieces towards the back, at the nape of your neck.
  3. Bring one side forward and wrap it at the front of your head and bring it back to the nape of your end. Tuck the end into the hijab, under your bun.
  4. Do the same for the other side while preserving that signature criss-cross look!

Parisian Romance

Paris is all about that romantic and laidback vibe. So if you love Paris and romance, why not let it shine through your hijab style?

floral printed pink Zalora modest wear hijab
Photo: Zalora

While it looks similar to the turban style, I like to characterise the Parisian-inspired styles with its looser wrap and it is often finished with a side knot or bow. From feminine pink prints to a multi-wear brown shawl, Parisian styles are perfect when you want to take a step back and chill.

How to tie the Parisian knot hijab:

  1. Fold the square hijab into an uneven triangle and place over your head.
  2. Adjust it to frame it around your face, then pin under your chin. Don’t worry if one side is shorter, that’s the point!
  3. Take the longer side, bring it around your neck and back to the front. Both triangles should now be in the front.
  4. Tie the longer side that you’ve brought forward with the “back” of the hijab. Be sure to double knot so it stays in place!
  5. Finally, take the “short” end that has been unused and drape it across your neck or tuck it into your shirt!

Voluminous Drapes

Special occasions call for special hijabs. I like how voluminous drapes bring an extra oomph to your outfit and makes it spectacular. They add volume and dimensions to your face and frames your outfit and body extremely well. Choose exquisite Swarovski hijabs or a tassel-lined hijab that adds movement to your hijab.

tassel instant hijab
Photo: Zalora

How to tie a voluminous drape hijab:

  1. Frame the hijab around your face with one side longer than the other.
  2. Wrap the longer side around, and over your head, scrunching them at the top for volume, before bringing it back to the front over your shoulder.
  3. Bring the same strand around your head once more and pin it at the top of your head.
  4. Next, secure the fabric in front for the loose drape style.
  5. Lastly, tuck the shorter strand underneath the front drape and there you have a voluminous look!




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