Home is where the heart is. And when the heart yearns for a classy home, it’s time to shop for home products that do the trick. Whether it’s the latest trends in home furniture or household appliances, there’s plenty of home products to choose from. And they need not be expensive.

After all, a house is not only made of walls and beams but also built with love and dreams. Here’s a list of home products that will spruce up your home with a love for all things stylish and make your dreams for a beautiful home come true.

Throw Cushions: For Classy Comfort

One of the easiest and most affordable ways to elegantly decorate your home is throw cushions. Carefully selected colours, sizes, patterns and textures can make all the difference in the living room. They can be the centrepiece on your sofa and provide all the comfort you need when snuggling up. Better yet, these plush pieces of pampering bring harmony to mismatched spaces.

4 cushions on a blue sofa with coffee table in front
Image credit: Lazada

Best of all, cushion covers can be replaced every season to update the look of your interiors. Some lovely choices for cushion covers can be found on Lazada. Popular online are nature-inspired micro-fabric throw cushion cases reasonably priced from RM24.00 for a set of 4.

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Volcanic Lava Lamp: To Dazzle Guests

Mesmerising. Therapeutic. Dramatic. The iconic volcanic lava lamp has been decorating homes for generations. It has an uncanny ability to put anyone in the room at ease. Further, gazing at the lava lamp has a strangely relaxing effect. Even home pets have been caught staring at the lava liquid flowing around. Effectively creating a calming effect in any room, the lamp also creates a central conversation piece for guests.

Blue lava lamp with home interiors in background
Image credit: Shopee

Never had a lava lamp? Try one! They are easily available on Aliexpress and retail online from RM 18.61. Available in a myriad of colours from blue, orange, green or red, select a tone that suits your home best.

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Lush Carpet: To Style-up Floors

Threadbare rugs are boring. Up the style ante in your home with a luxurious carpet. Select one that tickles your toes when you walk and grazes your body when you lie down. Using a large floor rug immediately makes the room look bigger, instead of placing several small rugs. Light coloured ones make the room look brighter and more spacious too.

Green nature print rug on floor with sofa and furnishing around it
Image credit: Lazada

In fact, carpets with interesting patterns add excitement to any living space. The right rug can define, add warmth or help connect all the different deco pieces in the room. You’ve got to love the collection on Lazada where a luscious, large print rug only costs you RM52.90.

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Amazing Art: For Art-tastic Walls

Wall decor ideas are great to bring empty walls to life. You don’t have to be an artist or art collector to appreciate them. There are tips aplenty on how to select wall art for your home.

3 blue themed wall art hangings above sofa
Image credit: Lazada

Select a large painting or photograph that captures the attention of guests and also defines small spaces.  When your home has residents of various personalities, a gallery wall is a perfect way to show them off. Simple framed photos artistically placed on an empty wall create lasting memories.

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Metallic Trends: To Glam-up Interiors

Metallic objects deco against blue wall
Image credit: pexels.com

Instant glam. Sparkly sophistication. Metallic finishes bring subtle sparkle and touch of grandeur to home interiors. Homeowners are increasingly adventurous in using metal. It’s not uncommon to find classic chrome finishes in bathrooms. Or metal sculptures to decorate the entrance and gold-plated ornaments on the mantelpiece. They add variety and versatility to every room.

Silver candlestick holders that complement silverware on the table create the perfect setting for a feast. They are awesomely cheap home products that look expensive.

4 tall slim candlestick holders in gold
Image credit: Lazada

So, shop online and save with Lazada where sophisticated looking candlestick decorations.

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Fresh Flowers: For Nature Inspirations

The best way to liven up rooms is to invite nature in. And the cheapest way is to place fresh flowers in a beautiful vase to immediately add interest to rooms. Flowers bring softness, textures and colours to spaces that are filled with hard surfaces. Further, fresh flowers can turn interiors from bleak to brilliantly chic.

3 floral bouquets in brown wrapped paper
Image credit: Happy Bunch

Grab a bunch of florals from Happy Bunch, Malaysia’s popular online florist. Save even more with Happy Bunch vouchers and enjoy greater discounts.

Selecting the right vase seals the lush look. The basic rule is to choose one that complements the blooms and not overshadow them. A clear, glass vase with a tapered neck is great for a vibrant bouquet. For ikebana-style bouquets, use structured ceramic vases with minimal patterns to match them. Lazada has a wide collection of vases to tempt you.

A set of geometric ceramic marbling flower vases on table with green leaves in one vase
Image credit: Lazada

One of the most impressive is the geometric, ceramic marbling vase priced at RM22.00 for a marvellous budget buy.

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Wind Chimes: For Ethereal Sounds

Be swept away by gentle, tickling sounds every time the wind blows when you place wind chimes at home. For extra extravagant effect, pick ornate ones that reach from ceiling to floor. They greet guests with welcome chimes when placed at the entrance. In addition, many believe that wind chimes attract positive energy and shoo away bad luck. The continuous tinkling keeps the positive energy within your home. Hence, ethereal sounds attract prosperity and good tidings.

Set of 5 wind chimes in silver with home background
Image credit: Taobao

Highly recommended are the silent stereo rotating wind chimes wall hangings from Taobao.

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Classy Table Lamp: For Lighting Up Rooms

Lighting up special spaces at home is a practical and decorative idea. A novel way would be to get a classy table lamp that brightens up the room. From classic to modern designs to sound-activated table lamps, they bring an instant glow to your home’s personality. Pick one that suits your interiors. There are the slim, candlestick lamps that traditionally decorate small nightstands or corner tables. Then, there’s the classic desk lamp that is functional yet stylish enough to be placed beside a chaise or sofa in the reading room.

Lamp on table with coffee cup next to it
Image credit: Shopee

An amazing one is the 4W LED touch dimming table lamp that’s USB rechargeable and retails at RM40.00 on Shopee.

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Zero Budget for Home Products

2 ladies on sofa outdoors on patio
Image credit: pexels.com

Don’t fret when you’re out of pocket and out of ideas on how to beautify your home. When you can’t afford any home products, simply move the furniture around your home. And presto, you’ll give your home a fresh new look. Even better, move some furniture outdoors into the patio and outclass the neighbours with your home ideas. This will also de-clutter your home and create more spacious surroundings indoors.

Home decoration just requires a little bit of creativity, and an imagination. Share your home ideas in the comments below!

Featured image credit: pexels.com | Unsplash

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Note: The information presented in this article is correct at the time of publishing and may be subject to change without prior notice.