Hari Raya marks the time for all Muslim families to gather. One house might not be able to accommodate the entire extended family, especially if your family is huge. You can expect the demand for hotel rooms to increase and for room rates to soar even further during the long Hari Raya weekend.

At ShopBack Malaysia, we want to be smart travellers who plan their trips early. So secure your hotel accommodation now rather than waiting till the very last minute. Here are just best hotel booking sites so that you can score the best deals and enjoy incredible cashback on your hotel room rates.

  1. Hotels.com


Image Credit: hotels.com

Whether you are looking for a hotel room that can fit your entire family or on the prowl for some last minute hotel rooms, you can certainly count on Hotels.com deals. With hundreds of thousands of hotels available, there is bound to be a hotel room that best suits your needs. You can also narrow down your search options to family-friendly hotels or bed and breakfasts if you are looking for something a little more cozy.

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  1. Hilton Hotels & Resorts

Hilton Hotels & Resorts

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After a tiring journey back to your hometown, there is nothing better than a nice and comfortable bed to sleep in. The numerous house visits and celebratory atmosphere can leave you feeling exhausted at the end of the day. Pamper yourself during the long Hari Raya weekend with a stay at any of the Hilton Hotels & Resorts. Regardless of which part of Malaysia you might be heading home to, there are numerous Hilton hotels within Malaysia for you to unwind after an entire day of Hari Raya festivities.

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  1. Thistle Hotels

Thistle Hotels

Image credit: thistle.com

If 5 star hotels are way out of your budget but you still want that bit of luxury in your hotel stay, then you should check out these Thistle Hotels promotions. This particular hotel chain specialises in mid-tier luxurious hotels without the hefty price tag of fancy hotels. Thistle Hotels currently is currently located in two places, Johor Bahru and Port Dickson

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  1. ZEN Rooms

ZEN Rooms

Image credit: zenrooms.com

Feeling the pinch while checking out hotel prices during the long Hari Raya weekend? Enjoy cosy rooms and incredible room prices with ZEN Rooms discount codes. Offering a selection of high quality budget hotels, ZEN Rooms promises comfortable nights that will leave you and your family feeling refreshed and recharged to take on a whole day of Hari Raya celebrations.

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Travelling With ShopBack For Hari Raya Hotels

Whether you are looking for a cosy room for two or a family suite to accommodate your family or relatives this Hari Raya, you will certainly be able to find a suitable hotel room with these hotel booking sites. Thanks to ShopBack Malaysia, you can easily browse through the various hotel booking platforms while earning cashback at the same time.

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*First Published: 11 May 2017, Last Updated: 11 May 2018