Before we jump straight into the wacky and cool things you can get from Daiso, I think it’s appropriate we start with a few interesting and mind-boggling facts about Daiso.

Firstly, what IS Daiso?

For those of you who are still living under a rock, Daiso is a 100-yen shop founded in Japan. The concept of the store is basically that all items are priced at 100-yen! However, Daiso is not just a 100-yen store, it is THE 100-yen store. Daiso has 2,800 stores in Japan alone, and 975 (and increasing with new stores popping up all the time) stores in Korea. Overseas, Daiso has 522 stores in countries like Canada, Australia, Singapore, United Arab Emirates, Brazil and much more.

In Malaysia alone, Daiso has 20 outlets all across Malaysia in prime areas like Petaling Jaya, Kuala Lumpur and Sabah.

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So what can you buy from Daiso exactly? Anything from gardening tools to cutleries to party costumes, Daiso has almost everything you can think of. All for the price of 5.90 RM. Yes, you read that right. 5 point 9 freaking Ringgit.

Here are the featured categories on Daiso:

StationeryPen, Pen Cases, Notebooks
Health and BeautyCosmetics, Health Care
JapaneseObento, Japanese Cuisine
Kitchen and DiningJapanese Knives, Baking Tools

Some unbelievable items you can and should get from Daiso:

1. Stainless Steel Soap

stainless steel soap

Image credit: Daiso Japan

If you’ve got weird smells lingering on your hands – raw fish, garlic, onion, durian, and can’t seem to get them off no matter how many times you wash your hands, try this Stainless-Steel Soap from Daiso! This uncommon invention helps to get rid of tough odours and smells from your hands without any detergent! Try it, it works!

2. Oil Solidifier

oil solidifier

Image credit:  

Apparently, oil solidifiers are nothing new in Japan, and in fact, are one of the most commonly found household items in a Japanese home. In Malaysia, however, many of us have never heard of oil solidifiers in our entire lives. So, what are these mysterious things? They come in powder form and when mixed with hot oil, turns it solid for easy disposal.

solid oil

image credit:

This makes for easy and clean oil disposal without dripping oil everywhere, and is also more environmentally friendly than pouring it down the sink!

3. Banana Keeper

banana holder

image credit:

Because why not? Bananas need to be protected. No seriously, have you seen how bruised a banana can get when you just leave it out in your bag? That’s when the banana protector comes in.

4. Sushi Mold

sushi mold

sushi mold

Image credit: Daiso Japan

Craving for some sushi? Become a sushi master instantly when you buy these sushi molds from Daiso! Now everyone can make delicately hand-shaped sushi! Simply cook the rice, pop it in, squeeze, and top it off with fresh sashimi slices!


Image credit: 

Bon Appetit!

5. Animal Frying pan

pig pan

Image credit: eBay

Brighten up your mornings with breakfast in bed and a cute animal pancake! This adorable pig frying pan is perfect for fussy children who refuse to eat, and as a cute surprise for your other half! It may not be a novelty item, but you can’t deny it is quite a steal at only RM5.90!

6. Egg timer

egg timer

Image credit: eBay

Don’t we all love perfectly cooked soft boiled egg? The runny yolk and perfectly cooked egg white?

egg being cut



It’s not easy to cook eggs perfectly though; one minute more and it overcooks, one minute less and it’s undercooked. With this egg timer, you will have eggxellent eggs all the time! Unlike conventional food timers, pop this egg timer into the pot WITH your eggs, and boil them together. Take the timer and eggs out when the timer colour changes and rises to the level of doneness you desire! (Psst: we personally recommend going for that medium level for some Ajitama egg (aka the ramen egg of the gods) goodness.)

7. Fruit and food cutters

The Japanese are known for their inventions and cool gadgets, and these fruit cutters are no exception. Why waste time and effort slicing an apple or mango when Daiso has these handy kitchen gadgets that make cutting fruits hassle free!

Apple cutter

apple cutter

Image credit:

Mango Cutter (on the right)

apple and mango cutter

Image credit: luckycitrine.blogspot

8. Pet accessories

Daiso has a huge variety of pet accessories, mainly for dogs and cats. Purchasing pet accessories from Daiso has got to be one of the most value for money things to buy because pet shops always charge an arm and a leg for the same item.

display of pet accessories

Image credit: Georgia Ho

Aside from the usual dog collars and clothes, Daiso also sells things like a syringe for feeding your dogs medicine, a collapsible dog bowl, and even toothbrushes.

9. Tube Squeezer

tube squeezer

Image credit:

Squeeze as much out of the money you paid for that toothpaste at home with this tube squeezer! Guaranteed to squeeze every last drop from your tube of toothpaste, be assured that nothing goes to waste!

10. Chair socks

chair socks

Image credit: Daiso Japan

Whether you’ve just shifted to a new place, or hate the sound of scraping surfaces, these chair socks are perfect for ensuring that your chairs don’t scratch the floor (and make that terrible sound!) when they are moved about. Not just that, they also make your chairs look kawaii! Now that’s how you decorate a home. 😉

Who knew you ever needed these 10 quirky yet somehow useful items in your life? We certainly didn’t. Priced at only RM 5.90 per item, Daiso is pretty unbeatable. And if there’s anything you need that can’t be found at Daiso? Consider Taobao. No, the things on Taobao aren’t all RM 5.90 but it does sell everything under the sun at a very low price. Plus, if you have Taobao vouchers, all the better.

Time for us to go on a shopping spree!

Can’t get enough of Daiso? Here’s a video we made comparing Daiso and Miniso:


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